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Loch Ness monster exists - we have her tooth!
Early in March 2005 two American students decided to visit Loch Ness
and have a look for themselves if the monster was real or not and boy
did they get more than they bargained for! Hiring themselves a local
fishing boat, the students ventured out onto the quiet waters and after
only a few hours came across a huge ... continue reading
The Guv'nor
The Guvnor, a memoir of the late Lenny McLean, has to be one the most
brutally honest memoirs ever published. For those who might not know,
Lenny McLean was a man who made his name through being the toughest
person in Britain. He was a man who, through bare knuckle boxing and
unlicensed fighting, secured himself a ... continue reading
Shark Attacks.
  Steven Spielberg has a lot to answer for. Before the movie event that was Jaws, sharks were very rarely at the front of the human mind. Then something happened that changed all that! It was the movie event of the seventies, and the film that went on to establish the summer blockbuster.  For all t... continue reading
New York Times Best-Selling Author Steve Alten Talks!
  From a writing novice just seven short years ago to having his sixth novel published this summer; Steve Alten could easily be held up as the perfect example of how hard work breeds success. In that time he has made the New York times best selling list as well as other best seller lists all around the world --no... continue reading
Laughter is the Best Medicine
Hey how is it going? Had a busy week? Been training hard, eating right and taking your vitamin?  Wait thats treading too close to Hulk Hogan territory there, anyway. I hope youve been looking after yourself properly - if you have, well good for you.I, on the other hand, have been sweating away on this column for d... continue reading
An Interview with Jenna Glatzer
Not many people can claim to make a living as a writer, however Jenna
Glatzer can make that claim and more. Not only is she the writer of
hundreds of articles for magazines such as Writers Digest and Womans
World, she has authored several successful books including Outwitting
Writers Block, and Other Problems of th... continue reading
Interview with Steve Alten
OH: Tell us a little about what life was like for you before you
decided to take the plunge and become a full-time writer.

SA: Despite having earned a doctoral degree in Sports Administration, I
found myself the owner and only employee of a floundering water
treatment company. I decided that becoming an author w... continue reading


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