Hey how is it going? Had a busy week? Been training hard, eating right and taking your vitamin?  Wait thats treading too close to Hulk Hogan territory there, anyway. I hope youve been looking after yourself properly - if you have, well good for you.

I, on the other hand, have been sweating away on this column for days (not really, I actually have a man servant called Giles who does everything for me, well almost everything!).   Oh well, enough with the introduction lets get down to it.  Its been a busy few weeks in the world of health but I am here to give you the inside scoop, to tell you how it really is.

The cloning of cells to create body organs for transplant has been a hot issue in the press these past few months, with much vocal opposition of the proposed farming of human organs.  That being said, apparently it has been recently revealed that the first human being has already been cloned using human DNA, however I must state that reports that Tony Blair was cloned from George Bush DNA have yet to be proven.

In a recent report that was published in Americas Archives of Internal Medicine it has been claimed that a natural fluoride, which is found in the drink Tea, helps give people strong bones. Now, let us stop and think about this one for a moment.  There is something in Tea that strengthens the bones, so by their reckoning the more tea you drink the stronger your bones should be. Well, I figure that if this statement were to be correct, then surely British people would be just about indestructible.

Results from a study that was carried out at Warwick University claim that men who are married lead much healthier lives. It goes on to claim that the men live 3 years longer and earn 3 thousand pounds a year more than men who are single. Come on, I know what you are thinking. That doesnt sound too bad, right? An extra 3 grand a year and an extra 3 years on your life to enjoy spending the money. I would say that for those figures it was well worth putting up with a nagging wife!

A new baldness cure has come onto the market in the United Kingdom. You take a tablet every day and there is a chance you will stop the baldness in three months. It is reported in trials that 83% of the people that took part in the experiment and who took the drug for 24 months, prevented hair loss. That sounds great you say, but the treatment costs a hard to swallow four hundred pounds a year. You have to take the drug for a full year before you can notice any real results, and  if you stop taking the drug the effects will disappear after 12 months. Might I also add to that, it doesnt work for everybody. I think that if I was paranoid about losing my hair and I weighed up all the pros and cons I think I would go for the far cheaper cure for baldness.  A hat!

 U.S scientists have warned us that sleeping too much may be hazardous to your health. They tell us that the ideal amount of sleep is between six and seven hours a night. Research has shown that adults who sleep for eight hours or more a night are 12% more likely to die prematurely than those who sleep less. Well all I can say about that news is that students should be very worried.

Well thats all the news for now.   All there is left for me is to say goodbye and to leave you with this final thought. After spending 50 years and millions of dollars on research scientists have now revealed that in all likelihood if your parents never had any children then chances are you wont either.