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Want to write my way to the heart of the reader. Basically once you start you cant stop!!!
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Relationships - The Expecting Father
With the coming of new life into a family, there are many implications in a man's life too.  Not only the impact of the big responsibility coming his way but also its an expression which lacks words.  Not because I am one of the expecting father but also of what I spoke with other wanna be and already fa... continue reading
IT - Call centers (BPO) and cultural changes
When the IT boom happened in India it was thanks to the effects of
globalization. Multi-National Corporations noticed India's English
competency and came in full swing, mainly from Europe and America. The
first boom of its kind started with the rise of dot com industry. The
Y2K boom and and the ensuing bug closely ... continue reading
Spiderman II - Where's the Hero?
What a man??? Not a hero!!!I remember the time when we as kids
used to sit in front of TV hours before we heard our favorite song and
cartoon serial - Spiderman. Spiderman. Friendly, neighborhood
Spiderman. When I saw the first movie, I thought this was a good start,
but not an excellent one. When I saw the second ... continue reading
Indian Elections - Another Hindsight!
India now can boast of a scientist as President and an Economist/Teacher as the Prime Minister. Both have a doctorate in their field. With such able hands its the wait and watch game again to see what will be the outcome of India in the coming years.The election in India is the biggest event in any democracy. As w... continue reading
Obscenity in Modern Indian Theater
The play's promotional campaign reads, "Persons under 18 years old will not be admitted." It opens to a curious audience, who see audiovisual images so similar to TV and movies, yet very different. Looking at the similar images on stage, and that too adds a 3D perspective to the audiences. Nevertheless, they are distu... continue reading
Beanbags The Small Beans That Make the Bags in Our Courtyard
When Julia Roberts said, "Reading a book in a beanbag chair in front of my fireplace is a great luxury - to sit down with a whole day free and barrel through a book," she gave importance her favorite piece of relaxing furniture - the beanbag. With the fast growing economic world and our chronically rushed cultures, our... continue reading
Elections in India - The Onlooker's Perspective
This was the time in our childhood that we used to get week-long holidays, as our school was the polling booth from the time of its existence. The awareness was very limited (even to my father's generation) about the politics of parties and governments. Although we belonged to the "elite-educated class," we never knew ... continue reading
The Dot Com Mania
There was a time when computer buffs and professionals were a rarity. A
handful IT professionals were working in their cool corporate offices
and were as inaccessible as the Gods. That was the time when I first
learned what a web page was all about and how it can work for you
365/24. I am sure if I had gone to a co... continue reading

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