There was a time when computer buffs and professionals were a rarity. A
handful IT professionals were working in their cool corporate offices
and were as inaccessible as the Gods. That was the time when I first
learned what a web page was all about and how it can work for you
365/24. I am sure if I had gone to a corporation with such an
advertisement proposal 15 years ago they would have personally laughed
me out of the building. Perhaps out of the city.

With more ease
and less maintenance, web pages were a dream come true to put across my
crazy ideas to the world. More over it, was cheap and the reach was
extraordinary. With my introduction to the subject and the
technicalities of a web space and servers was when I also realized that
to get a web space which I would have put purchase from a US or
Canadian company, I would have to pay US$ 20 - 30. That was when my
random thoughts of communicating through a web page came to a full stop.

was the word those days, when people were seemingly minting money with
the new dot com bubble that seemed to be blown out of proportion.
Ordinary newspaper reporters without any flair or style started being
paid in phenomenal quantities. Those who used to have tea and snacks in
small teashop just moved up to five star hotels!!

This was the
time when I also got a few offers to join Portal's editorial team. But
my schedule and lifestyle was somewhat conservative and for me to take
this giant step toward being an online architect was almost too far!!

was the time when my surfing and chatting over the net was touching an
all time peak. I used to chat and meet people who would boast about
their web pages and would give me ideas how to have one free. But the
free web page providers were not too appealing, especially with their
name attached to every web page names (example or
geocities or yahoo etc). I did try these but was not willing to
advertise the free web page providers name with my own!! Yes it was
kind of professional conflict of interests!!

I finally heard of
a web page where you could link your web page on
another service provider where you get exclusive domain name!! Yes, it
was unbelievable and a dream come true to have my own name as a domain
name!! I felt great and immediately registered
and was as happy as a lady who just got a diamond necklace as a
birthday gift!!

But even this was short lived and the ideas
given to me for linking never worked. The long wait gave way to the
desire of having my own name as a domain. But it opened up many avenues
and many by-lines in major newspapers and I still remember a front page
Economic Times article where my adventures with online dating were

Now after understanding the true essence of a web
page and what it can do it is a part and parcel of my daily life. The
desire to have my own web page is not yet dead - now the latest fad of
my life is to create and upload my own web page. Yes, it is really
amazing when you realize the potential a good web designer has in the
current IT driven industry. So I shall be selling my services after I
show them what I can do on...yes you guessed it right, the one of its
kind web page But don't bother logging on - its
still a paper tiger!