Harold M. Paxton
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Tidal Pool
Monterey Bay, CA, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Nancy Marx. Monterey Bay, CA, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Nancy Marx.Thatll be 53.49.The pimple faced teenager hands me sixty. I type it in the computer.54, 55, 60. The crumpled money and change disappears into his front jeans pocket.Out of a cubbyhole under the cou... continue reading
It seems funny as I sit here and contemplate life. There appears to me a touch of irony in my whole situation. It was the sale of fine antiquities that made me rich, and it was the pursuit of an antique that took it all away. To tell the truth, it was those who conspired to steal that particular antiquity from me who ... continue reading
When Will the Next Columbine Occur?
Columbine Parking Lot(Photo by Rob Favero) April 20th, five years past, the unthinkable struck a mid-Western high school where children murdered other children. Some mark this day by calling it an "anniversary," but that is the wrong word to use in remembrance of this crime. A better word choice is milepost.On April 2... continue reading
Jesus Christ's Sand Writing
Just what did Jesus Christ write in the sand? The Pharisees brought the adulteress to Him on the temple steps. Maybe they sought to probe His knowledge of the Law of Moses with the hope to entrap and accuse Him of some wrong before His followers. Perhaps some even questioned how far the forgiveness He spoke of went. Su... continue reading

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