Khadeja Kausar
Author articles
My son wants to get married, so we are going window shopping for a wife
After lining her eyes with Kajal (inner eyeliner), she stood staring at herself in the mirror. I knew what she was thinking. Once again, she would have to go though it. She would have to go and sit with people who would judge her for everything she says and does in those brief 10 minutes, and if she's lucky, this time ... continue reading
Muslim Head Coverings for Women: Religious Requirement, Cultural Norm or Oppression?
Sara, a very pretty girl who went college with me, got married. A few days after the wedding, her husband told her she was not allowed to talk to other men. She was asked to wear a jilbab (a long cloak with a long head scarf, where in some one could just see her eyes) at all times when he had male guests coming in the ... continue reading

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