Courtney Sunday
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How to lose your wallet (and keep a smile on your face)
There are always annoying moments in life. I can easily think of queuing for a simple coffee for over 20 minutes, waiting for a computer connection, and talking to particularly daft colleagues. However, perhaps the most annoying of all the annoying moments in life is losing your wallet or worse having it stolen. And I ... continue reading
Travel Bug
What does it take to be a lone female traveller?

I am not a flirt, at least not consciously. However, I am a woman who enjoys travelling by herself and will demonstrate her enjoyment of a moment with a confident smile. In some countries, this, in itself, is flirting. As I learned in Brussels when I asked a late... continue reading
Hip, Hip Hurray!
I have met many people in the last five years who would describe
themselves as hippies. They eat organic food. They wear long flowing
shirts and they play the guitar. They would rather die than wear fur.
They love the earth and they look a little like Twiggy. However, they
dont believe in free love, they dont live ... continue reading

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