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Celebration of The Independence Day: LET’S HAVE FUN!!!
MERDEKA!!! Sekali Merdeka Tetap Merdeka!
These words mean "FREEDOM! Once Freedom, Freedom Forever!". It was one of symbols for the Indonesian warriors who fought for Indonesian freedom when they were at war.
In every year, there is a precious day for all people in their own country, it is named Independence ... continue reading
Life After Death
  LIFE AFTER DEATH   Life after death is an eternal life. The life in which we will never find death again. It is a different life from the life in this world.   Many people believe that there is a life after death and many people believe that there is no life after death. If the unbeli... continue reading
Tony Chose to Die
There was no reason why he chose to die rather than be sentenced to 13 years for his pedophelia case. He wrote a letter that he would appeal after his trial in the first court.  William Stuart Brown, called Tony, 52 years old, is Australian. He was accused of sodomy to 20 boys (only two boys were proven)... continue reading
Islam is not Moslem
Often non-Moslem people judge Moslem people as a bad people, like terrorist, brutal, et cetra. The judgment influences their thinking about Islam itself, that Islam is a bad religion.   They see Moslem, but have they seen Islam?   In the world, one of religions that is the main focus is Islam. The meaning of... continue reading
Conflict Of Laws In A Nation
Relation among humans is often tied by rule: marriage, heritage, business, employment, and purchase. Many people with different cultures, races, religions and countries have their own rule. In the beginning, the relation is going smoothly because the parties do it by mutual agreement. The problem will come up in the m... continue reading
On Monday, March 22nd 2004, Israel succeeded in killing Syekh Ahmad Yassin, the leader of Hamas Palestine, by air attack in Sabra, Gaza Line, after failing several times. The attack of Israel was a very painful one for the Moslem people, the death of Syekh Ahmad Yassin was a very sad one. In this article, I am trying t... continue reading

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