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Six kinds of dreams
All of us, without exception, go through the experience of dreaming, but how many understand how we dream or why we dream and, even what we dream? We all pass through innumerable experiences, but fail to understand them or learn from them.

Sorrow and suffering come to us repeatedly, because one experience is not en... continue reading
Gandhi's Seven Blunders of the World
Mohandas Gandhi was convinced much of the violence in society and in our personal lives stem from the passive violence that we commit against each other. He described these acts of passive violence as the Seven Blunders of the World or the Seven Social Sins. This list was published in a newspaper called Young India. Mo... continue reading
Studying tips for students
School teaches a lot. Maybe not everything we need to know, but it gives us a lot. No doubt about that.

But schools tend to fail in teaching the one very important topic, the one that students need to learn before anything else - Developing an effective way to study.

We have gone through various articles and boo... continue reading


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