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The Talented Mr Poe: The Truth behind the Lies
On Monday the 5th June during an audition for the latest installment of NBC's reality TV series 'America's Got Talent', aspiring 35 year old country singer/guitarist Timothy Michael Poe lied to the nation about various details of his life, including his war injuries, in an attempt to endear himself with the judges and ... continue reading
U2 360 Concert Review - When Love Comes To Town
Whilst not a regular concert goer, I recently attended the U2 360 tour concert in Sydney, Australia. Being a bit older and not quite up to the intensity of the ‘mosh pit’ a group of us sat in stadium seats a fair way back and elevated from the stage. This gave me a dual perspective as both participant and spectator. As... continue reading
7 Deadly Ego Sins of Household Financial Management
These are a list of my 7 deadly ego sins when it comes to financial management for the average household. I say ego sins because I’ve found that often my 'sins' are curbed my what my ego wants rather than sound financial decisions. A big ego can lead to big mistakes, and lets just say my ego isn’t small! But the ego of... continue reading

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