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Punching above our weight
The State of Israel is tiny. In fact we could fit this country, barely noticeable on a map, comfortably into the borders of the Kruger National Park. Astonishing when you consider that for a mere slip of a state, Israel certainly punches above its weight.

The Talmud states that to save one life is to save a world en... continue reading
The Second Battlefield - Israel’s fight in the media
The shul president walks into the Rabbi’s office and horrified, sees that the Rabbi is watching Al Jazeera TV. “Rabbi”, he exclaims, “how could you. Are you becoming, G-d forbid a self-loathing Jew? The Rabbi replies, “On the contrary, when I read the newspapers like the New York Times I see that Jews are victims of an... continue reading
Palestinian education - an investment in the future or child abuse?
Education is a basic human right that is often taken for granted in the western world. The South African Constitution which is arguably one of the most democratic in the world, states that every child is entitled to receive an education. Educating our children is an investment in our future. How do we build a strong an... continue reading
The Myth of Apartheid Israel- political sex appeal?
When it comes to selling a product, most marketers and advertisers will tell you that it is all about how you package, position and sell it. Slick branding or packaging and a sexy catchphrase help the greater public buy yours over your competitors. Brand Britney has amassed more wealth through the coverage of her alleg... continue reading
If I am a Zionist, does that mean I am anti-Palestinian?
Zionist. Just the very mention of the "Z" word is enough to drive someone's blood pressure into the stratosphere. So emotive is this topic that one can be certain that discussion and debate around it can result in a a mini stroke!

Zionism, simply put, is the name attached to Jewish nationhood and some might even sa... continue reading

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