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The Cost of Extreme
Every time you switch on a television set, every time you pick up a
newspaper, every time you tune in your radio, you hear about how
luxurious the lifestyle of the average sports man or woman has become.Every
time you think about the world of sports you feel that big business has
taken away some of the enjoyment ou... continue reading
Extreme Days
There are days when you do not feel as though you want to go out there
and do the things that have come to define your life. You get up in the
morning. You eat the same cereal. You then pour the coffee in the same
way as you have done the last 1000 times before. You look around at
everything that you either own or ... continue reading
Sporting or not
Is there sportsmanship in the world? Has the competitive edge cut away what once was so compelling about the sports we love to watch? A part of me once would have said yes and no, however, it is far more complicated than that.
Any sport deals with two different emotional conditions. One is the
desire to win;... continue reading
Robotic Combat
Ask anyone to think of Robotic Combat and you will be told just what little time the man in the street has for Star Wars these days, yet right here on planet Earth things are moving towards a time where machines will compete with one another and against humans.Currently the organisers of Robocop are looking forward to ... continue reading
Getting onto television
This is the continuing story of a struggling writer trying to get a script to be picked up by the BBC. This week's section covers the waiting process.   July 2003   I had spent weeks creating what - I thought at least - was a suitable script for the late evening, just post watershed time slot (9pm). ... continue reading
How to Be Famous
It should be easy enough in this day and age; after all we are constantly surrounded by television shows that offer us the chance to put our face on the box.We have the option of playing for big money, for the privilege of being insulted, for the pleasure of admitting we have a problem, to convey our opinions to politi... continue reading
Why go Extreme?
Some people say that life is complicated enough.Some people say that there is enough danger and risk around in the world without adding to it.
Such is the attitude that infects the casual observer of an Extreme
Sport. It does not matter if this sport is popular or regarded as the
in thing, the attitude of the ca... continue reading
Getting into Television
This is a diary of the continuing struggle of trying to get a script accepted by the British Broadcasting Corporation. First of all, let me take you through the first few mind blowing dull steps of creating a suitable project or script for them. CameraHow hard do you imagine it is to get a script from the idea... continue reading
What Will the Next Extreme Be?
Handcuffs?What turns a series of events and actions into a sport? Where will the next generation of extreme sports come from?What turns someone doing something reckless into the next Tony Hawk?
There are many people around the World right now who are asking these
questions. They are not just the fans of underrated s... continue reading

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