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Outsourced Spirituality: The Organized Religion
By accepting an external entity, a text purporting to be the Revealed Wisdom of an unverifiable source ("God"), an individual accepts the invalidation of his own experience and allows his personal validity to be moved to and centered in others, the "divinely inspired" writers of this text.

The history of Mankind is ... continue reading
Illusions and delusions of a social networker
Phenomenological analysis of “social groups” must conclude that the concept of human social groups, if extended beyond the purely physical, is an illusion built upon a delusion. An illusion has an external referent, and the observer knows it. We pay to see the illusionist “saw the woman in half” knowing that she is not... continue reading
The Right to an Education
The business community has a vested interest in the preparation of future employees, including not merely their academic development but also their ethics.

I have taught full and part time university and college Anthropology classes for 17 years, from 1969 to the present. Over that time I have seen variations in h... continue reading
Death Associated Phenomena and near death experience
Having spent over 40 years examining, researching, and teaching in the field of Death & Dying (Thanatology), I prefer to classify the events for which people have such intense interest in a manner which goes beyond the simple focus on just the “Near Death Experience”, or NDE. Indeed, concentration on just the NDE detra... continue reading
Was 9/11 an act of terrorism?
Terrorism is the systematic use of apparently random violence to instil fear in a population such that it will force its leadership to change policies.

Since September 11, 2001 the American population has been relentlessly lambasted with the word Terrorism, largely from its own leadership, as a means of forcing the ... continue reading
Christmas: Rites of a Journey
Christmas in not included in the traditional Rites of Passage, and should not be considered among them. The chief reason for this is that it is not a singular event; the participants may participate yearly for as long as they wish. But, unlike a unique and not to be repeated rite of passage, the journey of Christmases... continue reading
Alms For The Love Of Ella
On the Myth that Sex Sells
For many people, sexual intercourse is simply masturbation by proxy. One of the most ridiculous, and degrading euphemisms in American usage is, "making love", a reference to doing the Hokey Pokey. In the words of the famous song, "What's love got to do with it?"

Yet, this casual thinking... continue reading
UFO: Here, or There?
Most Americans who take an interest in Unidentified Flying Objects date the phenomena from the 1947 Roswell “crash”. A few are knowledgeable of the private pilot flying in the Pacific Northwest who earlier had radioed that he was observing multiple “saucer shaped” crafts. Indeed, the subject became so quickly known w... continue reading
Addiction, alcohol & AA
Although the term has been common in the Standard American English (SAE) lexicon for many decades, the uses to which it has been put have been highly varied. Suffering the fate of other, originally specific terms such as "paranoid" and "schizophrenic", addiction has been casually generalized to overly cute, and often ... continue reading

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