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Video Killed the Football Star
The FAI, the power that runs soccer business in the Republic of Ireland, asked FIFA if they can have an extra place in next years World Cup in South Africa because of the travesty Ireland had to endure when Theirry Henry literally handed the ball to William Gallas. Which lead to the goal that means the Rainbow Nation w... continue reading
Schteve McLaren and The Dutch Football Revolution
Have a look at the Eredivisie Table. It’s now late October and yet there sits atop that league a team still unbeaten. In fact, there are only 2 teams in the Dutch Eredivisie who are still unbeaten. One of them is the mighty PSV Eindhoven, former European champions and considered, along with Ajax of Amsterdam, one of th... continue reading
The War on Annoyance
Terror, now there's a terrifying thing. It fills us with a kind of, well, terror doesn't it? A fear so huge and unilateral that it requires a specialist in his field to invoke it. Namely the Terrorist. Terrorist is one of those jobs where you pretty much get what it is all about from the title, like a Painter or a Bake... continue reading
The Top Ten Obsession
Tell ya what, if there is one thing we human people like doing, it's putting things into lists. It's like an obsession. Once every six months, me and a mate of mine have the old "Who's your Top Ten Spurs Players of all-time" Discussion (I'm 27, so just old enough to remember Hoddle, but Gascoigne remains vibrant in my ... continue reading
I'd like to start this article with a quote, a quote which is very apt for this time of year. Ladies and gentlemen, in the worlds of Neville John Holder MBE (Noddy to you and me) "IT'S CHRIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAAAAS!"

That's right, We have arrived at that unmistakable time of year when we celebrate the birth of one of the ... continue reading
Day of a common addict
I can't think straight. I haven't been able to all day. My mouth feels dry. I'm anxious and I feel on edge. I'm twitchy. I have a headache. I'm Irritable and I'm snapping at everyone I talk to. I can't sit still at all, I'm gonna wear out this sofa in a minute. It's getting too much for me. I'm biting my nails. I'm sta... continue reading
Forget Self Help, I Have a Better Idea...
So, the other day I was in my favourite Coffee/Book shop, don't you just love it when those two things combine? Comfy sofas, that new book smell, folk music drifting gently through the air, it's a dream come true and probably the best place to spend a few spare hours. Heck, if they had Sky Sports HD on a widescreen in ... continue reading
Do we really need The Ten Commandments?
Religion! Ah...there's a word that crashes into a conversation like a Steer on a Segway. Nothing creates more drama, tension, and war than the old 'my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend' debate.

So do we need religion? I can't really comment on Islam (because let's face it, nobody can, the western... continue reading

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