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Addiction in the Spotlight: Celebrity Addiction
Throughout time, the idea of the celebrity has been a strong ideology in popular culture. According to the American Heritage Dictionary (, the word celebrity means someone who is famous, and is renowned for their various talents. For the most part (disregarding "Big Brother" celebrities, people famou... continue reading
The Great OSCARS 2011 – or so it would seem
February 28th, 2011. As I arrived at work to start yet another week of teaching, I was so happy to be informed that my boss was allowing me to have the morning off! Now, having any form of paid time off is awesome, and anyone would agree. For me though, this particular Monday off meant I was able to watch the 83rd Annu... continue reading
The Rise and Fall of the Christmas Number One?
Do we know it’s Christmas?
The Rise and Fall of the Christmas Number One?

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat………and we all know that Christmas is full of those family traditions that we all love. My idea of Christmas is one that brings the family together, giving and receiving presents, eating too much be... continue reading
UFOs: Fact or Fiction?
For me, the subject of the Unidentified Flying Object is one that gives me great interest. When thinking about the universe, and its apparent infinite space of nothingness with clusters of stars, planets and other shrapnel dotted around, I find it very hard to believe that the planet Earth is the only planet containing... continue reading
Religion in the White House – Is it time for Change?
So there we have it. On the 4th November 2008, history was made, and the face of American politics, culture, and society has changed forever. The dream, that black people will not be persecuted simply because of the colour of their skin has been realised; the United States of America has elected, as its 44th President,... continue reading
Casting Votes - Hollywood and the Presidential Election
With less than a week to go until the most revolutionary American Presidential election in recent history, both candidates (John McCain and Barack Obama) still have it all to do to convince the masses to vote their respective parties into The White House. With the end of the campaign trail in sight, both McCain and Oba... continue reading

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