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The rise and rise of Ellen Page
Ellen Page is without question the woman of the moment in Hollywood right now. With a Best Actress Oscar nomination recently stacked up alongside a list of achievements for her turn in ‘Juno’, including being named the Breakthrough Actress of the Year at the Hollywood Film Festival, she is, to coin a lovingly overused ... continue reading
'Bee Movie' creates a buzz
Bees have been woefully neglected by Hollywood since the birth of feature-length animated movies back in the 1930s. Virtually every animal you care to mention has had its day in the silverscreen sun, from the elephants of 'Dumbo' and deer of 'Bambi', through to the plethora of sea creatures in 'Finding Nemo' and the se... continue reading
Festive Enchantment with a twist
“There has never been another movie like ‘Enchanted’” insists the trailer for Disney’s latest attempt to corner the festive family market, and an idle boast it is not.
While other films, notably ‘Shrek’ and its sequels, have poked fun at the traditional Disney fairytale, ‘Enchanted’ has the added dimension of being an... continue reading

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