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Heath Ledger: The Hollywood dream that turned to tragedy
With just 96 cents in his pocket and a twinkle in his eye a teenage Heath Ledger went in search of his dream of becoming an actor. But on January 22, 2008, his extraordinary and successful journey came to an abrupt and tragic end.
The 28-year-old Australian-born actor was discovered naked on his bed in his New York ap... continue reading
Nayo's African Dreams
Nayo is a proud young African woman, whose soulful tones and heartfelt narrative lyrics have earned her the label "the new Sade". However, despite finding the flattering comparison, this 26-year-old relative newcomer to the ambient club scene cannot see the connection herself, calling it "bizarre".
The 'new Sade' phr... continue reading
Duran Duran’s pop Massacre
Back in an era style forgot, when leg warmers, puffball skirts and crimped hair were the height of fashion, one band were plastered on every teenage girl’s bedroom wall and held warmly in the hearts of housewives everywhere. Duran Duran – made up of lead vocalist Simon Le Bon, keyboardist Nick Rhodes, bassist John Tayl... continue reading

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