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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is back
They’re back. Those wild, wacky and underfed models that worldly hipsters just seem to love have returned to strut their stringy stuff on the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show television special. The blessed holiday event was taped in Los Angeles in late November and broadcast on CBS and then repeated a week later ... continue reading
Fool’s Gold
Another famous world class athlete was busted recently for using performance enhancement drugs. Track superstar Marion Jones admitted she used steroids during the peak of her career, including the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Her confession was stunning given that Jones had adamantly denied using anything except... continue reading
Bronx Cheer
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently visited New York City. If he was unfamiliar with the Bronx cheer, he is familiar with it now. President Ahmadinejad officially came to New York to speak before the United Nations general assembly. He also accepted an invitation to speak at Columbia University prior to his ... continue reading
Tiger, Tiger
Tiger Woods recently won his 4th PGA championship with relative ease. This followed his smashing victory at the Bridgestone Invitational the week before. Can’t anyone man-up to this guy?
The 89th PGA championship was held at the famous Southern Hills club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The temperatures were hot, very hot. The t... continue reading
Simpson Review
The Simpsons movie is finally arriving in theatres near you. We waited almost two decades for this?
The Simpsons movie is neither a great film nor a terrible film. It is not a film you are going to want in your DVD collection for all of eternity. It is a fairly entertaining effort but also a little disappointing.
It ... continue reading

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