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Stephen J. Morgan is a former member of the British Labour Party Executive Committee, a political writer and accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach. His first book was the "The Mind of a Terrorist Fundamentalist - the Cult of Al Qaeda." He has lived and worked in more than 27 different countries and including crisis situations in Northern Ireland and Yugoslavia. He is currently writing a book on the Bush Administration. He is a political psychologist, researcher into Chaos/Complexity Theory and lives in Brussels (Old Europe) Contact
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Al Qaeda’s Hidden Weaknesses - Why Al Qaeda can't succeed
Highly dangerous cults of hate like Al Qaeda are social mutations which grow virulently and seem unstoppable. But they are not invincible and are bedeviled with contradictions that can eventually consume them. Much depends on them having the right conditions to flourish. To live they must kill, to survive others must d... continue reading
Pakistan on a Precipice
The recent declaration of emergency in Pakistan underlies the fact that outside of Iraq, Pakistan represents the most unstable nation in the Muslim world. Not only that, it is the most unstable nuclear power in the world. While the US turns its attention to the supposed threat of “World war 3” breaking out due to Iran’... continue reading
When an immovable object meets an irresistible force collision is inevitable. The two forces are those of the irresistible drive of the conservative fundamentalists in the US Administration and the immovable force of conservatives in Tehran. Ahmadinegad's refusal to stop uranium enrichment, his statements about th... continue reading
Iraq Dam Disaster Imminent!
Some 500,000 people lives are at risk from the real prospect of Iraq's largest dam collapsing at any time. The Mosul dam is just 50kms or 30 miles from the city of Mosul and if the dam breaks a wave as high as 20 metres or 70ft could swamp the city and cause flooding as far away as Baghdad. US military have already ord... continue reading
TURKEY – forcible return and fear for lives.
The family of Ayoub Parniyani (male); his wife Aysha Khaeirzade; Komas Parniyani and their son are about to be forcibly returned to Iraq where their lives would be in danger. Turkish authorities are showing no respect for the fact that they are recognized refugees. They are now in a detention centre in the Eastern prov... continue reading
Receive a letter or postcard in Prison and Change a Life!

Kamal Al-Labwani ( Syria) Victim of Injustice

Doctor Kamal Al-Labwani was condemned to 12 years in prison in July 2007 following an unfair trial. He was arrested on his return from a trip to Europe and the USA in 2005 where he had met with organisations involved with the defence of human rights. he subseque... continue reading
Behind the Turkey-Kurdish Conflict
The Kurds are an ancient people tracing their roots back to 3000 B.C. With over 40 million Kurds estimated to be spread out in a arc of territory stretching from Syria across Turkey and Iran, they are considered to be the world’s largest ethnic group without their own homeland.

At the end of the 1st World War their... continue reading
Iranian Fundamentalism and Anarchy threaten Southern Iraq
Southern Shiite tribal leaders have come out against the local Shiite militias. They are complaining of a reign of fear pervading the South, where only Islamic music is allowed , Western haircuts are banned and women are increasingly forced to wear strict Islamic dress code. The influence of the most extreme eleme... continue reading
October 14, 2007
Silence the Moment
Myanmar (Burma)
Hla Myo Naung, demonstration leader arrested.
The former student activist Hla Myo Naung has been arrested in Yangoon (ex-Rangoon) on the morning of the 10th October, while he was looking for treatment fo... continue reading
Turkish Tanks Attack Iraq
Turkish tanks and artillery have begun shelling suspected PKK guerrilla positions in towns and villages in Kurdish Northern Iraq. An incursion and possible outright invasion now seems imminent. A Turkish army almost the size of the American occupation forces, some 140,000 Turkish troops are poised on the Iraqi border w... continue reading
Is the Surge having an effect?
Is the surge really having an effect?The latest figures for US causalties in Iraq shows that to some degree the Surge has had some effect on reducing violence in Iraq. The more intelligent tactics of Petreaus have had enjoyed certain successes especially in Baghdad and even Al Anbar and Diwalya provinces .

... continue reading
BUSH - Unfit for Office
Bush entered the campaign for Texas governor on the two key messages of “personal responsibility” and “moral leadership.” Some might argue that this reflects quite an astounding level hypocrisy on his part. But for Bush those “nomadic” hedonistic days of irresponsible” youth as he termed them, were now behind him. Afte... continue reading
Bush "The Texas Ranger"
Part 3 "The Adult Bush"
Business Life
After finishing the National Guard and moving onto Harvard Business School his spoilt, overgrown-student life style just continued to get worse. A year after finishing he got arrested for drunk driving in 1976 at the age of 30. A Bush spokesman admitted that this was his ... continue reading
The Misshaping of a President
Chapter 2
Young Middle Age

The Elephant in the Bush - Alcohol

On the surface, Bush’s decision to stop drinking at the age of forty, would be the first independent, mature decision he had taken in his life. It might be counted as the first time he really tuned into reality and chose the appropriate and ... continue reading
Student Life
Looking at the beginning of Bush's young adult life, there are already important indications of tendencies to "tune out of reality" as a general pattern of behaviour. Bush was notorious for his drinking and partying. Rather than it being just a matter of occasional student high-spirited, overindulgence, B... continue reading
Darfur- Death’s Dead End
For the last four years Darfur has experienced horror of biblical proportions. Considered the world's worst humanitarian crisis by the United Nations, it has been has classified as genocide by the US. More than 200,000 people have been killed and 2.5 million have been made refuges in Somalia and neighbouring Chad. Some... continue reading
Somalia – Al Qaeda’s New Base – America’s Next War?
In the first two weeks of the Ethiopian imposition of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) government, more than 1,500 people have been killed in fighting and, pro-rata the population, the country has seen the greatest displacement of people on the planet. Much of the fighting has involved an alliance of the Shaba... continue reading
Al Qaeda : Secrets of its Hidden Power
Al Qaeda - Suicide Cult of Messianic Martyrdom
Politicians are hesitant to use the term "cult"; because it undermines and complicates dealing with a phenomenon they know very little about. Cult bashing is not something with which they or their spin-doctors are familiar. Furthermore, they fear that if it were popularly... continue reading
US Used Neutron to Take Baghdad
"The biggest story of the war became a non-event when the truth of the matter was that it was simply too bloody an event to report." Captain Eric H. May, a former intelligence officer.Ever more reports are emerging on the likelihood that the US experimented with tactical nuclear weapons against the Iraqi armed ... continue reading
Could the Kurds Kill Iraq?
Kirkuk and the Kurdish borderlands - Iraq's "Bosnia."
The Kurdish autonomous north has long been held out as an example of peace and security for the rest of Iraq. Today, however, it threatens to become a source of its greatest instability and an issue which might tear Iraq apart. In particular, the question of the s... continue reading
Najaf - now forwards towards an Iraqi revolution!
The demonstration against the American occupation at Najaf marks the opening of a potentially unique and qualitatively new phase in the Iraqi civil war. The hundreds of thousands who marched carrying Iraqi flags and banners proclaiming an end to occupation express a move away from passive opposition and towards mobilis... continue reading
McCain’s little big picture – what is the real situation in Iraq?
Senator John McCain's ridiculous remarks about Americans being able to stroll the boulevards of Baghdad brought derision from reporters on the ground there, described by one CNN reporter as "Neverland." However, to try and prove his point, and get out of an embarrassing blunder that might haunt his presidential ca... continue reading
Insurgent psychology – why they aren’t trying to win, but why they will!
Working out the perspectives for war takes a certain type of empathy. It should not be confused with sympathy or even, in this case, as necessitating a positive connotation. Every general should be empathetic to his enemy counterpart. If he is to stand a good chance of anticipating his moves and thereby forearming hims... continue reading
Iran – The Unwinable War, with Unachievable Aims and Unbelievable Consequences
Writing about the U.S. becomes more like Alice in Wonderland everyday. Everything is topsy-turvy and nothing follows the usual laws of international relations any more. The world's greatest unipolar superpower is now powerless. It has now become a victim of its own failures. It is trapped in a conundrum, where ... continue reading
Taliban threatens Pakistan
A top Taliban leader has threatened to begin operations attacking Pakistan. An ultimatum has been made that an offensive will open up from the strongholds in the Pashtun heartlands that will stretch throughout the country. The Taliban leader bragged that the Taliban network now reaches as far as the capital Islamabad. ... continue reading
General Petraeus Admits Defeat
This week General Petraeus gave his first assessment since taking command. His comments confirm that the “great surge” is turning out to be little more than a “great urge,” In desperation, he is now turning to some strange bedfellows for satisfaction and asking us to be patient, until he can get his thing up an... continue reading
Better Another Taliban Afghanistan, than a Taliban NUCLEAR Pakistan!?
It took the Soviets 10 years and the loss of 15,000 troops before they admitted they admitted defeat in Afghanistan. For the West, it will not take so long for the slow bleed to become a hemorrhage. It will be only a matter of one or two years, at the most before, Afghanistan falls and th... continue reading
The Wild, Wierd and Ferocious Counter-Surge
Monitoring Iraq is now like watching a weather map of the Mid-West in tornado season. From every, unexpected direction all hell breaks loose with an unpredictability and novelty that we haven't quite witnessed before. In the madness and complexity that is Iraq; the US surge is provoking a counter-surge of exceptional c... continue reading
Iraqi Government Teetering Towards Collapse.
The incapacity of the US and Iraqi security forces to deliver on boasts of curbing violence has led to threats from moderate coalition partners to resign from the government. The continued ability of Sunni insurgents to carry out atrocities and spectacular killings, and the outrageous sectarian responses by Maliki in r... continue reading
The Sisyphean Surge – Petraeus and the making a Greek Tragedy
Like a white knight heading off the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, General Petraeus arrived in Baghdad to take charge as U.S. military commander in Iraq. Armed with a degree in international relations, he is accredited with having written the new U.S. handbook on counter-insurgency. At the hangover ceremony ... continue reading
Mehdi Army Chief calls for Confrontation
This Sunday, 25th, clerics for Moqtada al-Sadr, leader of the powerful Mehdi Army, called for non-cooperation with US forces by Shiites. In effect it is a call for confrontation between his militias and by the people. The implications are far reaching. Some experts estimate the Mehdi Army to number some 200,0... continue reading
Rape will Wreak Whirlwind of Revenge
The disclosure by two Sunni women than that they have been raped by Iraqi security forces in the current clampdown marks a new phase in the worsening of inter-communal relations. In a certain sense, it has broadened issues and “socialized” tensions on one of the most sensitive questions for Arab and Muslim society. In ... continue reading
The Right of Iraq to Self-Determination

       The Inalienable Rights of Nations and Peoples
     – United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
The first and fundamental democratic right to fall with the invasion of Iraq was the right of a nation to s... continue reading
Blair leaves way open for John Howard to step in!
Blair leaves way open for John Howard to step in!
Tony Blair has announced the withdrawal of 1,500 troops in the coming weeks and up to 3,000 by the end of the year.
This will still leave 5,500 at the moment and 4,000 until the end of Bush's Presidency. Coming in the run up to his own downfall, retirement Blair obvio... continue reading
Counter Surge hits back with a Vengeance
Today, 19th February, the brief lull in insurgency and sectarian killings was blasted open by a daring assault on a US combat post north of Baghdad. Initial reports speak of two soldiers dead and 17 injured in the attack. The insurgents are starting to show the same heightened audacity and verve that just preceded the ... continue reading
Taking Baghdad could mean losing Iraq.
Increasing reports of the progress of the current US surge indicate two contradictory and complimentary processes taking place at the same time. Inevitably, as with past operations initial flooding of areas by thousands of US and Iraqi troops has led to temporary and, so far, small dip in insurgent activity and sectari... continue reading
“Lost on a Couch” – Psychological Reasons for the US Defeat in Iraq
In many ways the decisive factors which have lost the war in Iraq  are the moral and psychological questions. How long will U.S. troops go on fighting for empty rhetoric and broken promises? How long can they continue to swear allegiance to the lies and deception of their Commander-in-Chief? How lon... continue reading
Al Qaeda head shot/Mehdi army chiefs told flee
Al Qaeda Leader Shot
There are reports that the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq has been wounded and an aide killed in a shoot out with police.
Mehdi leader told to pack their bagsMehdi Army leader Muqtada al-Sadr has ordered all his top militia chiefs to leave Iraq. According to President Talibani, this is t... continue reading
The Battle of Baghdad : Perspectives for the Surge
“Best policy in war – thwart the enemy’s strategy; second best – disrupt his alliances through diplomacy; third best - attack his army in the field; worst strategy – attack walled cities.”   –"The Art of War," by Sun Tsu

    The Fall of LibertyIt doesn’t augur well for the f... continue reading
Mehdi Army Chief fled to Iran
US Administration is reporting that Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Shiite Mehdi Army militia and key parliamentary coalition partner for the Maliki government, has fled Iraq for Iran.The reports, which say he fled some weeks ago, have yet to be confirmed by Iraq officials, who until recently were reporting hi... continue reading
Lebanon - Closer to the Edge
This morning, 13 February, two bombs exploded on buses in the Christian north of Lebanon killing 12 and wounding 20. The blasts took place in the Phalangist Party heartland, near Bikfaya, the village of the former President Gemayel, whose son was assassinated last November and the home of the Defence Minister responsib... continue reading
Iranian Lethal Weapon Number What?
Iranian Lethal Weapon Number What? February 11 & 12 th
Today and yesterday US officers have been showing off Iranian bombs and other weapons, they say are being used to kill large numbers of US troops. Such weapons are obviously not being sent to Sunni insurgents, but by inference to Shia militias.
Yet... continue reading
Iraq Attack
Beginning with the first day of the week of the promised sweeping crack down in Baghdad, markets in the centre of the city were rocked this morning by huge sectarian explosions killing up to 65 people and injuring three times that many. The bombs went off in three different locations just at the end of the 15 m... continue reading
Breaking News Middle east
Breaking news – Iraq Sunday 11th Februaryby Stephen J. Morgan
Tikrit –
Evidence of two processes seems to be gathering more weight in the two attacks on Sunday morning one in Baghdad and the second near Tikrit, some 80 miles to the north.
In Baghdad, beginning in the evening/early hours of Sunday n... continue reading

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