Efefiong Akpan
I am creative, coming late to realising my strong attributes in the arts, after attending an engineering school
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Nigeria Cannot Afford to Cry When They Sneeze!
Nigerians have to recognize the germane element of goodwill in serving visitors water, kola or fura. This goodwill is founded on kindness and enabled by rectitude, customary traditions of Nigeria's various ethnic groups. The social expectations therein guide positive adaptations that rationalize the place of our tradit... continue reading
It was not my Valentine!
Enthusiastic would always be the celebration of Valentines Day in Nigeria in the mass media. Rather than focusing on St. Valentine loving the poor or the church healing the sick, instead people become most focused on erotic love sometimes for a one night stand, sometimes to sustain relationships. But it rem... continue reading
Fathers of the Funk!
There is a certain ether between African- American and original African
sensibilities. And because one could easily feel it in the soul, music
becomes the expressive platform. Moreso nothing has really been lost
ever since African-Americans finally got delivered by the sacrificing
of Malcolm X and Martin Luther Kin... continue reading
A Few Carry the Flag...
Excitement went unabated as Ray Power 100.5 FM came on
air in 1993, so followed by Minaj Broadcast International as a counter
to its television arm, African Independent Television. But these
heralds of private media broadcast ownership just like their prints
counterparts have not in any way changed the lot o... continue reading
Who is SLAM?
In the heydays of the likes of Bobby Benson, Sunny Ade, Ebenezer
Obey in Lagos area, Nigerian urban culture had just emanated. After the
civil war urban bands came alive with a touch of soul and rock in urban
centers of the East, yet Fela Anikulapokuti well known with his jazzy
origins and crossover creation, Afr... continue reading


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