Shawntaye Scott
Avid reader, humanist, feminist, vegetarian, etc. I am just me.
Author articles
Captivated by the Putty of Life
My music mesmerizes me into a daze
As I’m entranced by green silly putty
rolled and shaped into a ball and rope,
and kneaded and twirled into a pretzel
exactly as we human beings are morphed.
We’re born, we’re raised and influenced
by society and the people surrounding us.
Really we all are malleable organisms, ... continue reading
Chlorella: The Perfect Food
Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is a green single-cell type of algae that has existed on earth for over 2.5 billion years. It is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘leaf’ and ‘small’ and was the first life form containing a true nucleus with cell-walls of cellulose. It’s the size of a human blood cell and is dark-green because of... continue reading

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