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Three Myths Along the High Tech Trail ----A Philosophy of Precaution

As a philosopher I often stand aghast at the speed mania culture we live in.  My son's Motor Trend touts the  Mazda Speed-3 with this eye-catcher:  "How to go 150 MPH for under $25k."  The Bugatti Veyron will take you from 0 to 100 in 5.7 seconds!  (November, 2006)  The need for speed pe... continue reading
Captive Royals and Meat Machines – Animals in America Today
I marvel at the mobile pet grooming salon that pulls into my neighbor’s driveway. The sides of the oversize van include ads for the usual haircut, shampoo, and combing.

But today grooming salon services include fluff drying, dry skin
therapy, ear cleaning, and “laser teeth cleaning”. My neighbor’s ... continue reading

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