Sandy Wilson
I have three kids, ages 10-19 and my wife has four ,including me. I have been in healthcare sales for over 20 years so I clearly do not have thin skin.
Author articles
The Charms of Business Travel These Days
Here is a typical reaction that you get when someone finds out that you travel regularly for business. Wow, that must be exciting! Oh yes, the glamour of it all. I mean, that is, if losing 4-5 hours of your week not including the airtime is appealing to you!
Business travel is such a pain now. There are some m... continue reading
Hold on, I have a call coming in
I walked into a men’s restroom during a conference recently and
observed a guy standing at the urinal with his arm raised and wrapped
over his head to hold his cell phone up to his ear.

proud moment as being his brother of sorts did not occur to me. Now we
have all observed people talking on the pho... continue reading

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