Trace Hacquard
I wear my sunglasses at night, if that helps you form an opinion of me.
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Great Drinking Songs (Will Neil Young Remember?)
"Every phase comes to an end, or else it wouldn't be a phase."

I said that.

Some people may think that it's a bit conceited to quote oneself, but in this case, I'm going to have to disagree. I just happen to know a good quote when I see (or say) one.

We all have our phases: some good, some bad, and some th... continue reading
Meet The Stress:The Politics of Nostalgia
Before people were fainting at Barack Obama rallies, I was sent to Springfield, Illinois to cover the announcement of his candidacy on a bone-chilling February morning. Pains than come with sub-zero temperatures were replaced by chills of hope as Obama made promises in the same space where Lincoln once stood.
Being t... continue reading
Caesar, Bono, And A Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Rod Stewart once claimed that, "the first cut is the deepest." Well, I completely disagree with Rod. However, I couldn't remove those lyrics from my head during the dreary days of mid-March.
I have a feeling that Julius Caesar, looking down on us during that same time period, probably disagreed as well. And w... continue reading
Snow Just A Four Letter Word
Does anyone disagree that the most interesting part of Valentine's Day is that it marks the anniversary of a massacre involving Al Capone?
Of course, some of you will disagree; it was a rhetorical question. But those of you who disagree are probably going to be eating at Applebee's with your sw... continue reading
Pool, Band, or School? Maggie May Confuses Young Mind

“It’s late September, and I really should be back at school.”

arrival leads to an annual four weeks of chaotic bliss where a wide
range of emotions rise and fall in my over-occupied mind. Looking at
the vodka bottle as being optimistically half-full, autumn does have
some fine qualities. ... continue reading
Santa Monica good; Dylan Better
P and I are sitting in a cab. I’m not sure what city we’re in. Besides,
cities are cities. There are cities that you need to take a cab to get
around in, and there are those that you don’t. You need a cab in this
city. So it could be Detroit.
pull up to our first stop of the eve... continue reading
iPod Fuels Vanity of Technology
I've never been someone who is easily impressed by technology, and by technology I mean things like compact disc players that respond to voice commands and cellular phones that are capable of recording lousy speeches at wedding receptions. However, things have changed, and I blame the iPod. After purchasing my first se... continue reading
Forget Flowers, Request A Song
have rules when it comes to my writing: strict rules. Yes, I pretend to
be quite disciplined and, for the most part, try to keep romance out of
my disgruntled ramblings. However, I do want to add a twist of Cupid to
this particular column because I have a slight feeling that it might
benefit mankind. Maybe it wi... continue reading
Stones, Rings, and Your Song
           Although I am highly entertained by VH1's various "rock-list" shows, they bring up something about music that I strongly disagree with. I think ranking and comparing songs and artists is downright foolish. I know, we all do it; but why?
There is absolutely ... continue reading
Rio Grande,Billy Joel, and the Fire
“Don’t ask for favors. Don’t talk to
strangers. Don’t axe me why”.

How does Billy Joel get away with
pronouncing “ask” in the same manner as Samuel L. Jackson does in some of his
older films where he blows gangstas away with an AK-47? Sure, Joel was hooked
up with Christie Brinkley for a while, but that’s hard... continue reading

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