Don E. Post, Ph.D.
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The Political System’s Broken. Let’s Fix It!
Is our political system broken? Whew, is it ever! It's in shambles! Let's look at some of the brokenness. First, lawmakers at all levels continue to be caught illegally feathering their own nests at the expense of the taxpayer. It doesn't matter the party. A friend of mine opined that the Potomac River must conta... continue reading
RELIGIOUS TERRORISTS: Driven by fear of modernity
Islamic, Christian, Hindu, and Jewish Fundamentalists share many common traits. As I patiently waited in line at the supermarket, an elderly lady behind me picked a morning newspaper out of a nearby rack and scanned the headlines touting a suicide bomber killing of several U.S. soldiers in Iraq. She forlornly cried, “W... continue reading
An Incredulous Search for the Holy Grail

A Holy Grail
That Doesn’t Exist!

The mystery of the lost
city of Atlantis
interested my dad. He loved hearing
about such stuff. When asked if it was true, he shrugged his shoulders and
said, “Ah, I don’t know. But it’s a
great story.”

Great story indeed.
Today Atlantis, and other suc... continue reading
Programming Your Child For Failure
Dr. Post's most recent books include: Beautifying The Ugly American, ( and A Patriotic Nightmare (Sunstone Press, 2005).
was another hot and humid summer morning and I was leisurely reading
the morning newspaper and waiting for the local weather forecast in
hopes of rain, a traditional Texas past ... continue reading

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