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Prince William graduates
Prince William graduated from St. Andrew university in Scotland today.The Prince received a 2:1, the second highest passing grade out of four. His father, Prince Charles received a 2:2, the third highest.The day was attended by his father and stepmother and also his grandparents, the Queen and Prince Phillip.Prince Wil... continue reading
Smashing Pumpkins to reform
Billy Corgan has taken out a full page in the Chicago Tribune to tell how much he misses his former band the Smashing Pumpkins.The Pumkins split in 2000 and Corgan went onto form Zwan who split after one record, and has now just released a solo album.In the Tribune, Corgan said "I want my band back, and my songs, and m... continue reading
John Lennon auction
Items from Beatles guitarist John Lennon's life are being auctioned in London on July 28.Items include the famous bedsheet from Lennon's and Yoko Ono's bed-in, inspirational costumes for Sgt. Pepper and paintings Lennon did when he was a student. ... continue reading
Buffy star to play Alice
Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is set to play Alice in a modern, adult version of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.Gellar, 28, will be playing the lead in a story that was originally released as a video game in the US 5 years ago.The storyline involves a mentally disturbed and grown up&n... continue reading
Smoking on film to be banned in India
From August 1, Hollywood films that contain scenes of people smoking will be banned due to a directive from the Indian government.Older movies that contain such scenes will be accompanied by text warning of the effects of smoking.Indian film producers have slammed the directive and ask what will be banned nex... continue reading
Huge pre-orders for new Potter book
The latest installment of the Harry Potter series has already sold 750,000 at a US book store, beating the amount for the last book back in June 2003.Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has also sold 500,000 copies on pre-order on the Amazon website, and Barnes and Noble are predicting over a million pre-orders befo... continue reading
Rain for Glastonbury festival?
Festival goers this week are being warned that there is a chance of rain.The famous Glastonbury festival kicks off this Friday, following the hottest week of the year.However, festival goers are being warned that although the few days running up to the festival will be hot, temperatures could drop and there could be sh... continue reading
Miss America pageant struggling
With only 3 months left before the start of the Miss America contest, the organisers are still struggling to find a TV network to host the event.A spokesperson has commented that if a network does pick it up it is likely to be changed in format."It has to be modernized in the way we've all been fed such reality. You ne... continue reading
Sex Pistols to reunite?
70's punk act the Sex Pistols have been rumoured to make an appearance at the Live 8 shows.Although punk and charity may not go hand in hand, all the members except John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) agreed to re-unite for the show, after Lydon heard they had all said yes, he finally accepted as well.... continue reading
Stem cells aiding conception
Scientists from the University of Sheffield in the UK are to present a breakthrough in stem cells in Copenhagen to show how they can be used to allow infertile and homosexual couples to conceive.They found that the stem cells can be used to create eggs and sperm.Although the scientists haven't actually created them yet... continue reading
Alzheimer's linked to lifestyle choices
Researchers have found that lifestyle choices can affect the chance that someone will have Alzheimer's disease.It has been reported that drinking fruit juices, brushing your teeth and getting regular exercise can help prevent the disease.Scientists based in the University of Florida college of public health stated that... continue reading
UK smoking ban set for 2008
Plans are being made for a ban on smoking in the UK. By 2008 smoking in cafe's, restaurants and pubs that don't sell food will be prohibited.It was this morning that the government launched it's consultation on proposals, however, reports that it would involve an outright ban were proved false.Critics have said that th... continue reading
Di Caprio attacked
Movie star Leonardo Di Caprio was attacked by a woman at producer Rick Salomon's party last Friday.The woman slashed the actor's face with a broken bottle and he was quickly rushed to hospital.Di Caprio almost faced a near death experience as the bottle narrowly missed rupturing an artery by his ear.The woman had been ... continue reading
Cruise and Holmes engaged
Movie star Tom Cruise has proposed to new girlfriend Katie Holmes in Paris.The pair were in the city of love while promoting both of their current films War of the Worlds and Batman: Begins.Cruise spoke of the engagement to reporters in France saying, "It's definitely love and France. I've never felt like this before. ... continue reading
Jackson reality show failing
Michael Jackson's attempts to star in a reality show have fallen short.In the final stages of his trial for child molestation his representatives were pitching a six-part show based on Jackson, his family and how they stood by him throughout his ordeal.The show was pitched to networks including Fox, A&E Networks an... continue reading
Sony can't stop porn for PSP
Sony has released a statement saying that there is no way they are able to stop the release of pornographic films on the Sony PSP handheld game system.The PSP's format is in UMD, but an official stated that they can't legally stop it from happening. "It is utterly undesirable, but we cannot stop software makers from se... continue reading
Music phones expected to outsell iPod
Napster, the Internet music download database and phone company Ericsson are to set up a joint venture. The idea is to release a phone that can store and play a large number of MP3's by using Napsters database of songs and making them availiable to download onto the phoneThe president of Napster predicts that 70 millio... continue reading
Woman kept alive for unborn child
A woman in Virginia is being kept alive by a series of support machines in order to increase the chance of survival for her un born baby.The woman's husband said that this is what she would want. The pregnancy is in it's 20th week, it is believed that the earliest chance for survival in the 25th week.Through latest tec... continue reading
Jackson restart's career
Michael Jackson is rumoured to line-up his come back show on either the London or Philadelphia Live 8 concerts.After his intense 3-month trial, Jackson is said to want to get back into the music industry.The troubled pop star is said to have lost 13 kilograms throughout the court case, and although Live 8 organisers st... continue reading
No e-books for Potter
The author of the internationally successful Harry Potter novels has banned the books from being made availiable online.In the digital age more and more books are being made availiable to buy as e-books to be read on a computer.However, Rowling has had enough bad experiences with the Inter... continue reading
DVD kills the video star
Rent films in McDonalds
McDonalds is looking to follow smaller restaurant chains and install film rental machines.The mammoth fast food chain wish to put the system in place in all restaurant in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area by July 1.The Redbox DVD machines offer films free for the first night and then $1 dollar a night after that.Making fil... continue reading
Child dies at major theme park
A 4-year-old boy died aboard new attraction "Mission: Space" at the Epcot centre in Florida.The ride offers a simulation of a rocket launch, but the intense ride was closed after Daudi Bamuwamye died in hospital. The attraction reopened just days later after it was found to be operating correctly.To prevent such a... continue reading
Geldof outraged
Live 8 organiser Bob Geldof has slammed the "miserable wretches who are capitalising on people's misery".Since the tickets for the London leg of the concerts to protest against poverty were won by texting phone company O2, many have been offered  for sale on auction site Ebay.Some ticket prices were reaching £1000... continue reading
No more films for Jolie?
Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has sparked off rumours that she might quite acting.At the very least she will take a long break, apparently telling friends she doesn't "need the money or the hassle"Jolie's new film Mr and Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt has opened its first week with $50.3 million at the box of... continue reading
More artists have songs leaked online
UK band Franz Ferdinand are one in the latest string of bands to have new tracks leaked onto the Internet.Recent victims have included Eminem and U2, resulting in the shift of album release dates and the notion that downloading harms sales.However, it has been suggested by numerous music industry experts that downloadi... continue reading
Michael Jackson cleared
Michael Jackson has been cleared of all child molestation charges after the intense four month trial.The star was arrested in 2003 after British journalist Martin Bashir interviewed Jackson who told him that he shared his bed with children.Jackson could have gone to prison for 18 years had he been found guilty of ten c... continue reading
LAPD get involved with fight against paparazzi
 Stars including Lindsay Lohan, Reese Witherspoon and Halle Berry have been in discussions with the Los Angeles Police Department on how best to combat the ambushing photographers.Although the celebrities have accepted a certain amount of press coverage due to their position in the public eye, the talks with polic... continue reading
Destiny's Child announce split
R n' B trio Destiny's Child have confirmed the rumours that they are to split on stage in Barcelona.Since the group have been on tour the UK division of their label Sony/BMG were relentlessly denying the rumours.It was the girls themselves who broke the news in a statement saying, "we want to thank all of our fans for ... continue reading
Capacity for Reading festival increased
The Reading festival that takes place in the UK from the 26th-28th August has allowed an extra 11,000 music fans to enjoy the weekend.On June 8 festival organisers negotiated with the town council and it was agreed that an extra 5,500 day tickets would be released for the Saturday and Sunday line up.Fans of the line up... continue reading
More names announced for Live 8
More acts have been announced for the Live 8 charity event in July. US band Green Day are set to play the Berlin leg of the tour alongside artists including Lauryn Hill, Brian Wilson and Crosby Stills and Nash.The event has been organised to mimic the Live Aid event from 1985 organised by former Boomtown Rats fron... continue reading

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