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Humberto Rodriguez, CLU is a writer, author, programmer, marketer, insurance and financial consultant. Webmaster of several sites, he teaches you how to develop, publish and market your own website, with fully explained scripts that he provides without cost to you.
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The Final Greek Victory II
Continued... Mardonius, seeing next morning the columns of
Greeks retreating upward on the hills, from his camp by the river, was
prompt to pursue them. He could not see however, the Spartans who had
remained hidden behind the low hills, which arose from the valley. Pausanius
was offering sacrifice and asking for ... continue reading
The Final Greek Victory
Themistocles and his followers rejoiced immensely when the Persian
retreat was apparent. After making certain that Xerxes and most of his
forces had indeed gone, he resolved that they should return to Athens.
The city was in ruins. All the temples were destroyed and the homes
abandoned and in disrepair. Laboriously... continue reading
The Battle of Thermopile and the Naval Battle of Salamis
The Persians, after four days, were convinced that the Greeks were
not frightened and commenced to attack on the fifth day. During the
first two days of the attack, the Persian suffered massive losses,
while the Greeks under Leonidas, protected by their fortification,
suffered very light casualties. On the morning... continue reading
A Message to Garcia 9
By Humberto Rodriguez We read the original article, "A Message
To Garcia" in a previous part of this publication. This was reportedly
the most reproduced article during the lifetime of an author, in the
history of the United States. The article suggests that President
William McKinley gave First Lieutenant Rowan an... continue reading
The Battle of Marathon
Many scholars agree on the theory that the human race came out of Africa and evolved according to the climate and conditions of the region where they settled. Having fingers, we seem to have been meant to eat fruits and hunt. Indeed tribes were nomad hunters, who later became shepherds. This theory holds that the tribe... continue reading
A message to Garcia 8
By Humberto Rodriguez Continued...It was but a
short ride from Paralejo to the banks of the eastern side of the river
to the town, once a city of 30,000, now a mere village of perhaps 2000.
It was surrounded by a row of blockhouses the Spaniards had built on
both sides of the stream. These little forts were the fir... continue reading
A message to Garcia 5
"A Message to Garcia" Part 5 of 8 Having become famous after
delivering his message to Garcia, the swift success of the United
States in the Spanish-American War and the overwhelming circulation of
the article written by Elbert Hubbard on February 22, 1899, Lt. Andrew
S. Rowan was promoted to Captain. He was assign... continue reading
A message to Garcia 7
By: Lieutenant Colonel Andrew S. Rowan - 1923 Continued... Hitherto
there had been danger; from this time on there would be more. Spanish
troops mercilessly hunted down Cubans and small mercy was shown by the
forces directed by Weyler, the "butcher," to men found in arms, or
outside the concentration camps, even t... continue reading
A message to Garcia 6
By: Lieutenant Colonel Andrew S. Rowan - 1923 Continued... Once
aboard the boat I noted that it was partially filled with boulders
intended for ballast. Oblong bundles indicated cargo, but not
sufficient to impede progress. But with Gervacio as skipper, the crew
of two men, my assistente and myself, the boulders a... continue reading
A Message to Garcia IV
Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1913) The article "A Message To Garcia"
has the distinction of having been the most reproduced during the
lifetime of the author, of any article in the history of the United
States. There were 40 million copies printed and it was translated into
all written languages. Many more copies have be... continue reading
A Message to Garcia III
Elbert Hubbard wrote the following comment about his Message to Garcia
article on December 1st, 1913, telling us the unbelievable circulation
reached by such a small inspirational piece. I happen to think
that the article is now more relevant than ever or, put in a different
way, we are in greater need to read it n... continue reading
A Message to Garcia I
Elbert Hubbard wrote the following article in one hour, at home one
evening, after discussing with his son Bert over dinner, the merits and
identity of the heroes of the Spanish-American War (The Cuban War of
Independence). He subsequently used it as filler in the March 1899
issue of the magazine "The Philistine." ... continue reading
A Message to Garcia
The article, "A Message to Garcia," had such huge success after its
publication in 1899, that it was reproduced forty million times and
into all written languages. No small feat at the end of the XIX
Century. Notwithstanding its huge success, its message of individualism
is mostly frowned upon today and most Americ... continue reading
The ancient institution of marriage is at peril
Since the State of Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriages, there
have been several attempts to follow suit and even to expand the idea
in other jurisdictions. Court cases in other states have sought to
legalize the union of same-sex couples and some even of three persons,
two of which were of the same sex. The ... continue reading

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