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Big Mac & Pizza (Episode Four)
Colombia stirs up an image of coffee, both black and white! The black stuff being the legitimate export in numerous strengths and flavours grown in abundance in this dense tropical region of South America. Yet it's the white version, your cocaine's, heroine's and the likes that many people think of when it comes to thi... continue reading
Big Mac & Pizza (Episode Three)
China turned out to be a luxurious and enjoyable trip bar one incident, which spoiled the party so to speak. I was on exhibition duty having to help set-up the stand, demonstrate the equipment my company was selling and organise the packing and stripping down of the stand once the exhibition was over. I’d not be on my ... continue reading
Big Mac & Pizza (Episode Two)
“Foda-se fihlo da puta.” I loved screaming that from the passenger seat of a black Ford Escort XR3i on the way back to my hotel having had another easy day’s work in São Paulo, Brazil. I was actually shouting, “Fuck you, you son of a bitch.” The driver - my interpreter - started to teach me the more important Portugues... continue reading
Big Mac & Pizza (Episode One)
INTRODUCTION : "Do You Speak English?"Let me set the scene for you here. Between 1989 and 1993, I travelled the world, well certain parts of it, installing computer systems that would design textile patterns for weaving towels, ties, the washing instructions label on the back of your shirt or T-shirt, suit linings, fur... continue reading

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