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Turning the tables on parapsychology
Spiritualists have been tilting tables since the 1800s - but is it thanks to ghosts or their own latent psychic powers? A group of Sydney researchers have been trying to find out. Ruby Lang reports.

IN Sydney, Australia a group of researchers have been turning the tables on parapsychologists - or to put it more succ... continue reading
The Mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist
By Ruby Lang

Forty-five years ago it rained stones in the town of Mayanup, Western Australia, terrifying farmers and driving people from their homes. Decades later, the mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist is no closer to being solved, as Ruby Lang discovers.
By Ruby Lang

Mysterious showers of stones mater... continue reading
Scientists Hunt Mongolian Death Worm
A group of English scientists are to spend a month in the hostile Gobi desert in search of one of the world’s strangest and most elusive monsters, the Mongolian Death Worm. Known to the locals as Allghoi khorkhoi (Mongolian for intestine worm due to its resemblance to a length of cow’s stomach), the blood red creature ... continue reading
Ivory-billed woodpecker rediscovered
Long believed to be extinct, the ivory-billed woodpecker has been rediscovered in the Big Woods of eastern Arkansas. More than 60 years after the last confirmed sighting of the species in the United States, a research team has announced that at least one male ivory-bill still survives in vast areas of bottomland swamp ... continue reading
Meet The Real Fox Mulder
Britain's Nick Pope is the real-life Fox Mulder, just ask him.Before the handsome UFO researcher started to chase lights in the sky for a living, he was a member of the UK's Ministry of Defence and officially investigated 200 to 300 cases a year - 80 per cent of which could be explained away.He says there's no suc... continue reading
Mummy's Curse Claims Victim
Is the body of Oetzi the Iceman cursed? Since his discovery in an alpine glacier straddling the border of Italy and Austria 14 years ago, strange deaths have befallen members of the expedition who uncovered Oetzi. The latest 'victim' is 66-year-old Konrad Spindler, head of the Iceman investigation team at Inn... continue reading
X-Ray Girl Stuns Scientists
The x-ray powers of a 17-year-old Russian girl, Natasha Demkina, who can allegedly diagnose illnesses by seeing through people's bodies, has stunned Japanese and British scientists.Demkina regularly diagnoses diseases and her special talent has come to the attention of the medical establishment. She was invited to New ... continue reading
Radars To Track Butterflies
Scientists are using radars to track the flight paths of butterflies, which can reach in excess of 10 miles per hour.Entomologists are keen to understand how these insects navigate, pollinate and breed - and they're now one step closer with a customized harmonic radar device tiny enough to fit onto the back of a butte... continue reading
Journalists Fear Blog Attacks
Bloggers are rattling journalists with their constant online attacks and criticisms, with some questioning the motivations of certain online diarists.Journalists say while blog insights can be healthy, fresh and informative, some cyber critics are just "nasty", "toxic" and seeking to undermine high-profile re... continue reading
Wedding Bells For Delta?
Pop star Delta Goodrem is engaged to be married to Irish singing beau Brian McFadden of Westlife fame, according to reports out of Britain.News of the World has published the claims, but Goodrem's mother and manager, Lea Goodrem, denies the engagenment has taken place. McFadden is yet to divorce his wife,&nbs... continue reading
Dallas Movie in the Pipeline
AN Australian film director plans to resurrect oil tycoon JR Ewing in an ambitious movie version of cult TV soap Dallas, with Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta-Jones playing the leads. Melbourne director Robert Luketic, 31, has been sworn to secrecy about the movie, rumoured to have a budget of $130 million. Luketic's... continue reading
Cardinals ready to choose new Pope
More than 100 cardinals from around the world will shortly begin the secret and ancient process to select the 265th pope.   The conclave will begin at 2.30pm GMT, after the 115 cardinals participate in a mass in Saint Peter's Basilica to invoke God's guidance in their choice, and a procession to the Sis... continue reading
Man Snaps Big Cat in UK
A British photographer has snapped a picture of a large black panther in a Welsh forest. His picture validates the many sightings of big cats reported in the area. He stumbled upon the sleek, black out-of-place cat during a bush walk, hunting for a good location for a photo shoot. He came across the pant... continue reading
From the barnyard to the backyard
They are more accustomed to the barnyard than the backyard. Sporting hoofs, horns and feathers, they jostle for space beside the cages of domestic dogs, cats and rabbits that find their way to the Sydney, Australia headquarters of the RSPCA. But unlike their fellow animal refugees, these chickens, goats, calves, pi... continue reading

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