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Cheerleading Is Definitely a Sport
Cheerleading is absolutely a sport and here are just a few of the numerous reasons why.


Like all recognized sports, cheerleading has big-time strategy. One very important aspect of cheering is knowing when to say certain things. For instance, they only use touchdown cheers when their team has made a touc... continue reading
So What If I'm Short?
It started when I was really young, probably 6 or 7. I shared a dream like every young girl, and that dream was to be a model. I know, pretty sad, but it only lasted for a short time. I got up the guts to tell my parents that and knew they were going to be against it. They told me the sugarcoated version of why I woul... continue reading
Love Don’t Cost a Thing…Ha!
Jennifer Lopez has got it all wrong, but then again if you listen to the thrice married diva for love advice you must be a fool. The way I see it, love is an investment and, yes, that means putting money (in the form of gifts) into the relationship, if you want a successful one. For those of you who have been in a... continue reading

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