Tony Lucas
Independant UFO investigator in New Zealnd
Author articles
Night visitors and alien abductions
Alien abductions have occurred throughout history, to take an instance from The Bible we only need to look at the narrative of Ezekiel's strange encounter and subsequent disappearance. These abductions by alien visitors persist to this day and it has been estimated that as many as 100 million people have had abduction ... continue reading
Big Birds Last Stand
These birds evolved around 85 million years ago on the southern
Super-continent Gondwanaland. They belonged to a group of birds known
as Ratites; members of this family include Ostriches, Emus and the
extinct Elephant Bird of Madagascar. Once New Zealand
separated from Gondwanaland and became isolated it allowed t... continue reading
When The Skies Falling Duck
Sky-falls, for want of a better term, have occurred throughout history, even being mentioned in the bible.Frogs, fish and plant material - in one case broadbean seeds in England - are the most common forms of sky-fall. However, other anomalous substances have also been seen to fall. There are many reports of blood and ... continue reading
Let’s not get in a "Flap"
These flaps are periods of heightened UFO activity centered on certain areas and lasting over a period of many weeks. Flaps such as the Warminster sightings in the 1960s, to as recently as the Belgium flaps of 2001 and 2002 have all triggered interest in the UFO community. The Northern Hemisphere has had a fair share o... continue reading
Dead Zones - where marine life is not supported
Dead Zones are referred to as being hypoxic zones. They are
essentially areas in which the level of oxygen in the water is too low
to support any kind of marine life. These hypoxic events happen annually and are a summertime phenomena. An unusual chain of events initiates this oxygen deficiency.
Coastal ecosystems r... continue reading
In the Beginning...
Historically, most of the Northern Hemisphere holds the attention of many when it comes to paranormal activity, UFO’s, Cryptozoology and strange phenomena.What I hope to bring forth in these articles is the often not heard of Phenomena that is just as prevalent in the Southern Hemisphere.As an Independent UFO Investiga... continue reading

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