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So Ya Wanna Be A Rock Star
Do you think you possess musical talent and need to share it with the
world? To make it as a rock star, you need to have some business sense,
and you need to be smart. Here are some pointers to lead you down the
road to rock stardom.Step one: you need to have songs,
preferably original catchy numbers in either roc... continue reading
The Cooper Temple Clause
The Cooper Temple Clause delivers a typical rock electronica
in typical pretentious Brit rocker style. Valeria Valiente reviews 2003
album Kick Up The Fire, And Let The Flames Break Loose as well as two
performances in Seattle, Washington. Kick up the Fire, and Let the Flames Break LooseLabel: RCA/BMG/ Morning Reco... continue reading
Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll: the PB&J of Hedonist Addicts
My sex and my drugs and my rock n roll, is all my brain and body needs My sex and my drugs and my rock n roll, is the only thing that keeps me here From Janes Addiction, Ritual de lo Habitual Every living being needs air, water and nutriment to live here on planet earth. Some living beings need more than that to want t... continue reading
Hangin' in the W.C.: Franz Ferdinand
Hangin in the W.C.: FRANZ FERDINAND March 23, 2004 Easy Street Records In-Store Performance, 6 pm The Crocodile Caf, 11 pm Seattle, the W.C.
All you history geeks, war freaks and people with a brain, identify
20th century Franz Ferdinand as the Archduke of Austria whose
assassination in 1914 started World War I and... continue reading
Citizen Henry Rollins: Serving Hardcore Political Satire
Henry Rollins: Hardcore Punk, Writer, Actor, Fundraiser, Spoken Word Artist, Publisher, Renaissance Man. No
one can deny that Henry Rollins is a renaissance man. The man is the
famous singer of the 80s punk vanguards, Black Flag, and the loud and
in your face, Rollins Band. The man has been on singing or talking
t... continue reading
Hangin with Vendetta Red
Home Alive is a non-profit organization dedicated to end violence in
our communities. Home Alive was formed in response to the murder of Mia
Zapata, the lead singer of Seattle punk band, The Gits. Home Alive benefit concert Vendetta Red and The Divorce The Vera Project, Seattle, the W.C. Saturday, March 13, 2004
... continue reading
Hangin in the W.C. with Ozomatli
Welcome to the debut of Hangin' in the W.C. No, no, no, this is
not about bathroom humour or raunchy shenanigans in the loo. This
weekly column will feature bands passing through the U.S. West Coast. I
will interview local and touring bands, laying it out for you, the
reader, what it is like to hang with some ... continue reading
Rock and 'Run Run Run'
Rock and roll has saved many of our souls. You might remember being the
awkward adolescent, hating pretty much everyone around you including
yourself, and feeling like no one sees things as they really are. Then
one day, you pass an old skate shop or record store pumping out some
notes of wisdom in the form of loud... continue reading
Hangin' in the W.C. with Eek-a-Mouse
Eek-A-Mouse and The Eekanomics BandFriday, January 30, 2004
The Chop Suey, Seattle, WashingtonSaturday, January 31, 2004Dantes, Portland, Oregon"We No Like Dat" by Valeria ValienteBaddy Baddy Mem Mem, Me hangin in the W.C. with some mean men. Mean and shady, they love the ladies and I had to teach them-em, That we no ... continue reading
Hangin' in the W.C. with roots rock reggae kings, nuffsed
Hey rockin readers and uber-reggae fans! Here is another edition of Hangin in the W.C. Nuffsed Friday, March 5, 2004Chop Suey, Seattle, Washington, W.C.
Seattle is a city known for its mosh-inducing 90s grunge and its arms
crossed, head bopping, overwhelmingly indie label pop and rock.. Yet,
there is a completely ... continue reading
The Top Ten Roots Reggae Music-Makers Ever
Kings of Roots Reggae10. Gregory Issacs9. Beres Hammond8. King Tubby7. Mighty Diamond6. Buju Banton5. Anthony B.4. Burning Spear3. Black Uhuru2. Steel Pulse1. Peter Tosh and1. The ultimate King of kings, Bob Marley, without a doubt!... continue reading

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