Walt Lange
I have worked in many occupations over a half a century. From bagging roofing rock in a rock quarry to self employed contractor, insurance underwriter, supervisor in a oil service company. All during which I have continued to write. Now retired I am devoting my new found time primarily to writing. Caregiver to my 82 year old mother and father of two handsomely grown sons who make their father proud.
Author articles
Give Yourself Permission
Have you given yourself the permission to write yet? Why not? I know it sounds simplistic but it is really that simple. I am not saying you won’t make mistakes along the way - we all do - and it is part of the craft. We all have gotten very concerned with mechanics and technicalities and yes, they are an important ... continue reading
Joke of the Week - Night Before Christmas
12/15/2004 Night Before ChristmasIt was the night before Christmas and all through the house.There was crashing and clatter as the cat chased the mouse.I sprang from my bed and dashed down the hall,In time to hear some ornaments fall.The mouse was perched on the star so high,Up... continue reading
Memories and Observations
This article is for writers and those who aspire to be writers, it goes beyond the usual import of the mechanics of writing. It covers the need and reason behind observing people, talking to them and learning to develop good three dimensional characters that can be recognizable.Recently, reading the comments in online ... continue reading


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