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Erosion of the First Amendment
I've had more than a few people ask me why I was so adamantly opposed to Bush in the last election. Some of them, I think, fully expected me to fly into a nonsensical tirade about a myriad of issues, but my response has slowly whittled down to one simple comment: He could cause me to serve time.This is the easiest, and... continue reading
United States Unity
When John Kerry made his concession speech, he kept reinforcing that he wanted to see unity return to the U.S. In light of the Editor's Comments from the Autumn 2004 issue of Wilson Quarterly, I couldn't help but feel that I was staring at a man who lost the White House for non-political reasons. Steven Lagerfeld stat... continue reading
Youve Come a Long Way Baby?
In the news.... Women picketed the house of leadership, petitioning for the right to vote in their home country. Viewed as a seditionist act by many of the men of the country, since the nation is involved in a war, the women's picketing was attacked by counter-protestors. Law enforcement was called to the scene an... continue reading
Bush Supports Family Values?
0First, I must challenge everyone to name a family that is not created by a woman.  It is an arrogant comment in some respects, but the facts of Nature cannot be denied.  No child can be created without the assistance of a woman, and admittedly, the woman endures the pain in the process.  That means that... continue reading

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