Venkatesh Premchandran
I'm working as a software engineer in a MNC in Chennai(India). I'm very much interested in writting.
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An Inside Focus On Indian Woman
In India, women play a very important role in society. Women in India get a prominent role in all walks of life. Now women are shining in every field and are doing as well as men.

Just as an example, Mizoram (one of the Seven Sister States in North Eastern) has higher proportion of women in its population than men.... continue reading
Unsupported Marriage in India
In these days, Gay marriage is becoming fashionable in every country. Many countries are starting to legalize this union. However, according to a survey, mostly older people are against this same-sex marriage while younger ones are more acceptable towards it.
People supporting the gay marriage are saying that

We a... continue reading
Can only modern technology provide quality in business?
In the age of Internet, information is becoming the life-line for survival. If one measurable parameter of quality is in continuous improvement, then it is the quality of an organisation's information system that determines its effectiveness in the information age. Reliable and relevant data provides information about ... continue reading
Another Osama bin Laden is in India!!!
       Don't be tense about my title for this article. even I don't know where bin Laden is. But my title is correct because I'm going to talk about a dangereous disease - AIDS. It's also a kind of terrorist and many countries have faced this type of terrorism and started their encoun... continue reading

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