Rita Woods
I'm a soccer mom in the midwest, (how the heck did that happen????) with two boys and a coffe addicted Bassett hound. I have a private medical practice and I write in my 'spare' time,
Author articles
Marcus Welby, where are you?
Mrs. R sat less than five feet away from me, a low, densely compacted woman, her stomach rested on her lap like a pudding. Her face was wide and expectant as she waited for me to answer the question that had driven her into my office half an hour before. Why was it that every time she squeezed her left breast, she... continue reading
Another kodak moment
I was never going to be one of those kind of parents. My
children would never spend an entire flight kicking the seat in front
of them; they would never throw themselves to the floor of the produce
aisle and have a tantrum. My children would never sit in a restaurant
flicking peas at each other or blowing ice wate... continue reading
The Memo
We moved to the suburbs not long ago. One of those brand new
McMansioned, cul-de-sac'd, dropped-in-the-center-of-a-cornfield,
suburbs. Along with the huge mortgage, we heard rumors that there was a
memo explaining the accoutrements of cul-de-sac land. We didnt get it;
an oversight on the part of the Welcome Wagon l... continue reading


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