Anathema Harris
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A Fresh Future after Friends
Why not see the end of Friends as an excellent time to change a little
on TV? I think we need to move on from the dusty old ideas of tv, and
do some more challenging, interesting, and fresh prime-time TV.I
think the end of Friends may make many beginnings. I'm sure all the die
hard fans of Friends will miss the sho... continue reading
The Brothers
  The world was encased in a hazy purple cloud, and Its people waded as if in a dream. A ball in a huge, seemingly endless universe, bouncing around a large furnace of fire as if it truly belonged there. It was a youthful, healthy child inside Its Creator's loving, caring arms. It was, however, a harmful little th... continue reading
Howard's Australia A Trail of Terror and Tears
Looking back on the history of Howard's terms of government, we look back on a trail of tears and deception. From the outset, his earliest decision was illegal, but it was overlooked because it was in response to the Port Arthur Massacre. He overrode state authority to rule out the possibility of a major inqu... continue reading
Careers or Children - Why Decide?
When I decided that I wanted a career, I was a mother of two children and pregnant.  I was also married.  My decision was a hard one.  I had been studying by correspondence in a very limited course that I was simply not interested in.  And of course, there wasn't any support co... continue reading

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