Katherine Booth
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It's voting time
At the age of 18, politics just did not bother me. I didn’t care about taxes, the environment, health care or house prices. I was just about to go to University and all I was bothered about was whether I would make friends and pass my course. I missed out on University tuition fees by a couple of years so that didn’t a... continue reading
The scary reality of binge drinking
After reading all the disturbing reports in the UK papers about ladette culture, and female binge drinkers, I forced myself to take a good look at my social life over the last few years to see if I fell into that category. And I scared myself with the results. Binge Drinking has been defined as the consumption of larg... continue reading
My Dad the Hero
I think its fair to say that my father and I have come the full circle. From the adoration felt when I was a mere nipper, running round in nappies without a care in the world about who could see me naked, to the growing resentment in my teenage years, where piercings, underage drinking, and the opposite sex seemed to b... continue reading
Travel Vs Backpacking
Dont get me wrong, travelling is great. In fact, if I hadnt run out of money, or felt the pressure from my parents to come home and start my "adult life". I would probably still be out there, living it up in Australia and New Zealand. But the reality of it is, in my opinion, that unless you really search for the unknow... continue reading
Fashion on the Fairways
It'sS not so long ago that loud, collar-less shirts and colourful
trousers wouldn't have gotten you further than the locker room. But
times have changed. Today's new breed of Tour professionals are
changing the image of the game. They're daring to be
different and are not afraid to make a statement. Just look at ... continue reading

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