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Get identified under your skin!
There are movies that entertain you, frighten you, and enlighten you. There are movies that trigger your brain of a possible invention that might take shape. This happens every time you watch a Science-fiction movie you wonder, THIS is something that can be explored! There have been movies in the past that have shown t... continue reading
Identity Theft Ė Protect Yourself
The previous piece written by me talked about how Identity Theft is committed and what it can do to you. This piece talks about how you can protect yourself from losing your identity. First things firstóbe responsible and act fast! Donít just sit there with your head buried into your hands as if the world just ended. P... continue reading
Identity Theft: A crime too personal
It might happen to you too. You get a call one fine day from a credit collection agency, demanding you to pay off all your dues amounting to huge bucks. Wait a minute; I donít have a credit card! What the hell? And then, you realize that itís too late. Someone used your name and credentials, applied for a credit card... continue reading
VeerappanThe legendary bandit no more!
Known by different nomenclatures like bandit king, elephant poacher, sandalwood smuggler and the much recent Robinhood of India, Veerappanthe forest brigand was finally killed in an encounter this month. This man popular for his handlebar moustache, hacked more than 120 people to death during his reign of terror spann... continue reading
Look out PDA, here comes TDA!
Whats it all about? Novinit a French company has developed the worlds first TDA or Tactile Digital Assistant. The TDA is based on touch-screen technology
and relies entirely on your thumbs for input, which are harder to lose
than a stylus. The TDA is named Jackito and comes with two simultaneous
touch points so you... continue reading
Movie Review - Shrek 2
Poster - SHREK 2The film opens with Shrek (voiced over
by Mike Myers) and his beloved (now turned into an Ogre) Princess Fiona
(Cameron Diaz) enjoying themselves on their honeymoon at sand-kissed
beaches. Returning from their romantic idyll, Shrek and Princess Fiona
are summoned by Fiona's parents, the king (John C... continue reading

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