Lakshmi Natarajan
I am a politics junkie--I watch a lot of Hardball and stuff. Also a compulsive reader--I keep reading and simply don't know when to stop! LoL
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More on being vegetarian
I was inspired to write on this topic after reading Andrea Lutz's
article "On Being vegetarian". I have to warn you that it may be
somewhat rambling, but it is short and (I hope) interesting.I
grew up in Madras (now Chennai) in South India, in a fairly
conservative, Tamil, Brahmin family. South Indian Brahmins are
... continue reading
"This Land"
This article owes its idea to the creators of the animated political cartoon, This Land, which you can see at In
the three debates that are supposed to take place before election day,
November 2, (and which debates the RNC would rather not happen owing to
the substantial liability in the form of their ma... continue reading
Another opinion on Michael Moore's film
I know you have probably heard enough about Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11". But there are some points of view that I have not heard in the media which I thought should be expressed. This is not a review -- I assume that you have seen the controversial anti-Bush movie or know about it. Reaction has varied from denial... continue reading

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