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Loyalty Is A 4-Letter Word
Now, more news of bosses screwing former employees. Shh... loyalty is a 4-letter word in corporate America. The Employee Benefit Research Institute calls it “the ticking retirement time bomb.” Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) President Drew Altman says employee-sponsored retiree coverage is going, going, gone thanks t... continue reading
The Man Behind
The website declares itself "for women who just ain't gonna take it no more," the columns are called Observations of a Demented Housewife, Corporate Whoredom, and Bitch to Bitch, but BFP Media Productions and Malicious Bitch President Doyle Brooks-- one of the lone, brave males onboard a high dosage estrogen ship-- is ... continue reading
Sam Wright Bodman Is The Wrong Man For The Job
Sam Bodman, Bush's choice for Energy Secretary, has big shoes to fill - big, big shoes! Lots of information is being made public about him, after the flap that was the unassailable "Berned" Kerik.Bodman is supposed to be this scientific whiz (he taught at MIT), yet the National Academy of Sciences giggled like little g... continue reading
The State of the Union, Undressed.
More than just a recent trend, more than some abstract that applies
to certain cultures or religious traditions, monogamy, it seems, is on
the outs with the American people.In recent years, studies
have shown that married couples are rejecting the notion of monogamy,
and an equal number of studies have shown the op... continue reading
Dr. Richard Wertime, Prolific Author and Teacher
Richard Wertime premiered his unreleased novel San Giovanni in suburban Philadelphia, on Oct. 20. Wertime, the acclaimed author of Citadel On The Mountain, is a Ph.D professor of English and the Director of Graduate Studies in Humanities at Arcadia University, in Glenside, Pennsylvania. He has been teaching people to w... continue reading
This is another of those tribute stories-- And yet, its not
  Inasmuch as Albom's book Tuesdays With Morrie was about a great teacher, it also highlighted the inadequacies across a wider segment of the educational population. At approximately the time of Alboms publication, the No Child Left Behind Act was in its infant stages. School districts in Philadelphia and other me... continue reading

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