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Shakespeare According to Mandelbaum
 The problem with Shakespeare was language. Mandelbaum had thought long and hard, parsed and perused, explicated and analyzed, and all his study had left him with but one conclusion: language. Language was the problem with Shakespeare.It was not merely that Mandelbaum again and again found himself unable to speak ... continue reading
The Kid Next Door
Jack Goodstein 350 Hopwood Fairchance Road Uniontown, PA 15401 gstein@helicon.net       The Kid Next Door  Setting: Apartment kitchen, not particularly well appointed. Mac is seated at a formica table cleaning a rifle. A bowl of apples and oranges is on a counter nearby. There is a cabinet contain... continue reading
To Speak or Not to Speak
The Mandelbaum ControversyThe "Mandelbaum Controversy," as it came to be called, surfaced only after its namesakes disappearance and presumed death.  Not that that presumption--what with Jim Morrison and Elvis Presley--lacked controversy of its own. In all his public appearances, on stage, on screens large and sma... continue reading


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