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Well Fixed Sports
Just like the people of many other countries, South Africans are crazy about sports. While almost every sport is played to some degree here, the main focus of the sport watching public falls into three arenas rugby, cricket and soccer. These three games spark debate, argument, and even the odd drunken scuffle around t... continue reading
Alexandra and I
Johannesburg is a strange city. A friend of mine, who comes from
another South African city, often remarks on the way that Joburg seems
to be made up of a strange patchwork of urban and suburban areas that
makes no sense in terms of town planning. An industrial area may be
surrounded by either residential or commer... continue reading
What's in a Name?
When the first truly democratic election in South Africa in 1994 was
won by the African National Congress (ANC) and Nelson Mandela stepped
into the Presidential position after many long years of isolation on
Robben Island, everyone was pretty sure that things were set for a big
change. But none expected to go to be... continue reading
Freedom of Choice
It was a dark and windy night when Jabu was visited by the political campaigners. The wind howled around the tin shack that he had built here on some white supremacists farm five years ago. All whites were supremacists. All whites were rich. He knew this was true because (despite the fact that he had seen things to the... continue reading
Driving Miss Crazy
South Africa is a country that, in recent years, has become more and
more attractive to visitors from overseas. In fact, the country's
tourism industry is booming, with travelers arriving every day by the
plane-load. And they all come with their minds crammed full of the
preconceived ideas that the brochures and tr... continue reading


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