Gareth Evans
Born in UK. Lived and worked (as a teacher) in Kenya (my second home now), Oman, and Tanzania.
Author articles
Wonderful Nairobi - Things For travellers
Nairobi itself has had something of a bad reputation recently, which it only partly deserves. Despite serious efforts to clean up the centre of town, the old nickname of Nairobbery has been difficult to shift. But be honest now, there are parts of any city in the world that you would be scared to walk around in, aren’... continue reading
KENYA - What more do you want?
All right, let’s get it out in the open right from the start – I’m biased. I love Kenya, and I love Kenyans. In fact, if I ever meet the member of the American Embassy security staff who wrote an entry for an information website for potential expatriates which started with the words: “Most Kenyans smell and they can’... continue reading
Someones Secretary
And that is all I am prepared to say on the topic. Were you expecting to be regaled with the wit and wisdom of Evans Minor for the next thousand words?  Dont get me wrong, I adore my daughter in a way that pre-fatherhood I could not have imagined myself loving a little bundle of drool, vomit, pee and well, wors... continue reading
One too many Prozac?
  Kids say the cutest things, dont they? Suddenly, out of nowhere, theyll come out with something that makes you say, Aaw, thats so cute! Or, Wow, who the hells been teaching her that kind of language?   And thats all I am prepared to say on the topic. Were you expecting to be regaled with the wit and wisdom... continue reading
Jack Kerouac Was Right Reflections on a Mixed Marriage
Oh my God, Megan! I cant imagine how you must be feeling! were the words which one of my aunts greeted my mothers news that I was marrying an African woman.   To be fair, the aunt in question is on my fathers side of the family; they had never really forgiven him for marrying a woman who came from a village twelv... continue reading

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