THE HISTORY OF FANTASY. Not to be confused with science-fiction, which is predominantly drawn from modern technology and a writers projections of the future, fantasy is a culmination of ideas that returns us to, and utilises, the history and mythology of many different cultures.

Science fiction can be seen as a future-fantasy, and this is why generally both genres can be found on adjoining shelves in the bookstore. Indeed, a few authors have managed to obscure the lines between these similar genres. Terry Brook... continue reading

I would first like to send out my thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families of the horrendous movie theatre shooting in Aurora, CO. I wa...

While other films, notably ‘Shrek’ and its sequels, have poked fun at the traditional Disney fairytale, ‘Enchanted’ has the added dimension of being a...

Hollywood actor Ryan Phillippe admits that he was ready to ‘kill himself’ after his divorce from Reese Witherspoon came through.

Actor Pierce Brosnan is set to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel to the Thomas Crown Affair.

Oh boy, my cup runneth over this week!

Holla, hombres. Last time, I said that this week’s column would consist of ‘love in the time of movie monster prosthetics’. Well, it seems I lied. Unf...

It sounds like a bad idea, and it certainly isn''t the best movie you''ll see this year, but all things considered, you could do a lot worse.

A romantic action comedy...with zombies! Seriously.

Happy birthday, The Cheers! Hard to believe it's been a year, already, huh? Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing; 'What have I been doing with my life?'

Hello, children. Comfy? Cosy?

If you've ever wanted to spend two hours locked in a small, unventilated room with Alan Greenspan and the Tasmanian Devil, "13 Seconds" is your soluti...

Hello everyone and welcome to this special New Year edition of the Journal. I just want to let people know that a magazine called “The Cheers” has tak...

The very worst in cheese, brought to you by a delusional egomaniac. Aren't you glad you stuck around?

No gold in these thar hills, folks....

Hi, everyone. Shall we? I think we shall.

Welcome back, welcome back. As I said last time, well be returning to the movies this week with a look at a particular favourite of mine -

It might make good chum....

Sing along! "It's the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgeraaaa....", wait,'s the Antonia Graza. There's a difference! Really!

Ever wanted to see Greenpeace play Ghostbuster? Ghost Rig can provide.

If your travel agent books you in Weaver, it's time to get a new travel agent.

Believe it or not, you\'ve already seen Demon Slayer. Find out why right here.

A direct to video horror title that's actually good, actually scary, but with almost no blood? A surprise in a DVD case.

There have been a lot of really good movies made over the last several years. There are a lot of bad ones, too. And while I try to simply ignore the b...

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