WASHINGTON, March 21 – Harry Twohooter was found in Dexter’s Laboratory dead naked. His hair had been tweezed out one by one. Police thinks it’s a job of a hair collector. "Considering the amount of hair Harry had and the way all his red curls had been taken out of his head, we have a reason to believe it wasn’t his mad wife," said the inspector in charge of the investigation.

You may remember Harry Twohooter from our story about the former couple Bush and Kerry. Independent of the investigation results of the W... continue reading

Over the entire past decade the social group that has kept the viewers in front of their TV screens, are the participants of reality tv and the creato...

I’ve always thought that planet Earth is a very insane place to live on. Up until now I just said it, but then I started thinking… which is not very c...

TIMBUKTU, Dec 13th - Last night a car bomb exploded in front of the Timbuktu embassy in Chikata Rabula neighbourhood. No survivors, just meat. That's...

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