(and some not)

It's that time again, and we’re going to do it holiday style.

1-In a press conference this past weekend, Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo when asked about Lovie Smith’s chances of staying as the head coach, really didn’t say he would or wouldn’t. He just answered that they would have to revaluate it. Lovie’s reaction:

"I'm not really interested in a whole lot of that. We're 5-9 right now -- as I have said about three or four times, your life isn't going to be good. It's kind of as simple... continue reading

Only in Chicago, does shit like this happen.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn spearheads an initiative to get "low level" prisoners out of jail early to...

If this is all we have to look forward to in basketball, we might as well turn to "I KNOW I CAN DANCE".

I notice signs of my advancing age every once in a while. It’s mostly small things like finding a gray hair in my sideburns or having my knees go on s...

Ah spring, when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, and a middle-aged man’s fancy severely turns to thoughts of basketball. College...

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