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2009-12-22 10:18:27

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Only in Chicago, does shit like this happen.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn spearheads an initiative to get "low level" prisoners out of jail early to save tax payer dollars.

The top basketball player in the history of the city sues the two most prominent grocery chains for trademark infringement.

And the Chicago Bulls, the franchise of that basketball player's team (which may explain why he owns a different one), blew a 35 point lead to a team that's 13-14. Are you kidding me?

Sure the Bulls have sunk to many lows over the last month. They won one game during their annual circus road trip, beating the Sacramento Kings at home. The same Kings they let put back into the game last night. Let alone, the 10 out of 12 they lost when half of those games were lost by more than 20 points. And let's not forget about the loss to a team that only won one game so far this season, the New Jersey Nets.

However, this one takes the icing off the cake. At half time, the Bulls led 79-44. You felt like the game was just about over, but nope. The Bulls once again found away to put themselves on the front page in front of the Bears who obviously have bigger problems. The Bulls shot 2 for 10 in the fourth with nine turnovers. The last team field goal scored by Kirk Hinrich with 10:15 left on the clock for the game.

And in the end, there's Vinny Del Negro with a very depressed look on his face. And another gem comes out of his mouth.

"You're always trying to find ways to do a better job, and this one stings. But players win games. You have to execute. We got a little complacent, and they jumped on us. It's me; it's the coaches; it's the players; it's everybody."

Come on Vinny. As the captain of the ship, you need to keep your team focused. You need to keep them in the game, and you and many of the players said that your team lacks defence. Oh no, my fine feathered friend, your team lacks spirit, heart, and testicular fortitude as Mick Foley used to say all the time. Your team makes me laugh in a bad way. I really wanted to watch the Bulls this year, but now, I just can't. I just will watch Monday Night Football games that have no rhyme or reason to them. Like the Giants playing the Redskins, actually I think the Redskins weren't playing. Jason Campbell really sucked last night.

Bottom line, the Bulls need to do something. Tonight they go to New York to play the Knicks. And then on Thursday, it's Christmas Eve. It's that wonderful time of year.

Wonder if someone gets sent on a permanent vacation again?

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