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Travel article about is boeing 737 safe to fly
As no survivors are found on the site of Ethiopian Airlines crash, people are visibly concerned and asking if Boeing 737 MAX 8S is safe to fly? And the question is a legit one, considering it's not the first accident that has happened to this new airliner. In October 2018 an Indonesian airliner, The Lion Air, crashed into the sea killing all of its passengers. Both of these crashes took place during the first minutes of the flight. While at this point no connection between the two accidents has been found, it's qui... continue reading
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Politics articles

Rep. Steve King does his best to look like a fool
Google CEO Sundar Pichai had to answer a bunch on different questions at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. Among the people questioning ...
Politics article about trum is a narcissist

Trump vs Obama - a story of a delusional man
We seem to be in an age of narcissists, and sadly enough too many of the voters don't seem to be able to see it. So from this perspective, I guess, th...
Politics article about trump fires sessions

Trump fires Sessions for not ending the Russia probe againts him
While Trump would probably disagree with everything here, that's exactly what he did. Of course, he would probably say that he didn't fire anyone, but...
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The awesome and not so awesome things about working for yourself
Recently I have met a number of people, who after hearing what I do (for living?) tell me that it sounds awesome. And based on what they think I am do...
Money article about how does ryanair earn money

Ryanair - how can they fly with their prices?
Ever wondered how Ryanair can fly with such low prices? And how does Ryanair make money? Does Ryanair make money at all? And how much does a Boing 737...
Money article about cheapest countries for a digital nomad

What are the cheapest places to live in the world
If you live a lifestyle where you can travel and work at the same time, but your work is not the highest paying one in the world, you might want to kn...
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Guns don't kill people? Yes, they do!
There is a popular saying among people who like guns - guns don't kill people, people do. But that might not be so true after all. According to a rece...
Opinion article about trump is lying again

Trump - the protector of peace and harmony? Right.
After the bomb scare yesterday that was targeted at Clintons, Obamas, and CNNs office, Trump said that No nation can succeed that tolerates violence o...
Opinion article about trump pulls out from nuclear treaty

Another day, another stupid announcement from Trump
The wannabe president-businessman Trump announced yesterday that he is now pulling out of nuclear arms treaty.
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Looking for some musical amusement this season?
For all those seeking for nice cultural alternatives this season, there is plenty of options along the city of London where theatrical performances fo...
Entertainment article about How to watch whatever you want, whenever you want

How to watch whatever you want, whenever you want
When you're on the move, it can be tough to stay tuned to your favorite shows. Crossing borders between countries can mean you get access to a very di...
Entertainment article about god proof

10 Indisputable Facts God Exists
Although the world as we know was coming to an end already back in 2012 and people, our people, were still divided by a fine line, we are still here. ...
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Facebook ads policies...and their non-working algorithms
Facebook is allegedly improving their system to detect fake news, to detect...pretty much everything that should or should not be shared in there. But...
Technology article about Are video fails avoidable?

Are video fails avoidable?
One would definitely think that. But it's often far from reality.
Technology article about What is health informatics and how does it work?

What is health informatics and how does it work?
When it comes to keeping the population healthy, there have been many useful advances throughout history.
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Decadent Desserts in the Desert - Las Vegas for the Sweet Tooth
When you want a little bit of dessert to finish off a great night in Las Vegas, there are a number of superb places where you can find desserts that w...
Travel article about most expensive countries to live in

The most expensive countries to rent an apartment
As a digital nomad who can work anywhere, who just needs a laptop and access to internet, you are probably always on the lookout for new countries to ...
Travel article about indonasian airline crashes

Indonesian airliner crashes into the sea, 188 passengers feared dead
An Indonesian airliner, The Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8, has crashed into the sea, most likely killing all 188 passengers and crew. The plane crashed ju...
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Relationships articles

You do not have to be a racist to know only a white man can take America down because they will not let anybody else do it.
Relationships article about Donald Trump is Obsessed with Barrack Obama

Donald Trump is Obsessed with Barrack Obama
America has its white man back in his White House again. So far what has this done for our children? Do they understand right from wrong and good an...
Relationships article about Three rules of the second date

Three rules of the second date
The first date is always a bit chaotic. You're just getting to know each other, talking a lot and feeling a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. But ...
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Scottish Premiership is Finally a "Betting League"
In 2017 and 2018, after just one game of 38 had been played in the Scottish Premier League season, bookmakers Paddy Power paid out to any punter who h...
Sport article about Results of Ended Basketball Season

Results of Ended Basketball Season
In the current season, there wasn't a decent struggle for the champion title in the National Basketball Association.
Sport article about Sports Betting Savant Jeff Johnson Will Turn Your Bookie Into an ATM Machine

Sports Betting Savant Jeff Johnson Will Turn Your Bookie Into an ATM Machine
If you have ever bet on sports then it's a lock that you have felt that gut-wrenching pain that goes along with losing. The pain is exponentially inte...
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Japan cyber security minister has never used a computer
Stranger things have happened, I guess, but based on the latest news, Japan cyber security minister Yoshitaka Sakurada has never used a computer and d...
Breaking-News article about british business leaders call for a second vote

British business leaders call for a second Brexit vote
At least 60 British business leaders have signed a letter calling for a second Brexit vote. The letter that was published in the Sunday Times has sign...
Breaking-News article about britons deman second brexit referendum

Britain marches for second referendum
Up to 700 000 protesters marched to London's Parliament Square on Saturday, demanding a new referendum on Brexit and/or to have a say on the final Bre...
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Eight of the best Argentinians to play in the Premier League
Ever since the Premier League's inauguration in 1992, English football has seen a steady incline of foreign imports. From world class stars to expensi...

Schteve McLaren and The Dutch Football Revolution
Have a look at the Eredivisie Table. Itís now late October and yet there sits atop that league a team still unbeaten. In fact, there are only 2 teams ...
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Life article about Picture Perfect Birthday Gifts For The Love Of Your Life

Birthdays are meant to be full of surprises and yes awesome gifts. Such occasions uplift the spirits and delight the senses.
Health article about Why is Finding the Right Psychologist so Difficult?

Picture this. It's 1987. Your parents are sitting in their family room on the couch, dimmed lights, and watching TV.
UFO-channel article about questions about aliens

Why are aliens always naked and capable of breathing our air? Why do aliens always turn on their brightest headlights not to be noticed?
Business article about The worlds best online shopping centre opens its digital doors to the UK

Shopper behaviour is changing. Ever since the rise of the internet and the advent of e-commerce, consumers have been looking more and more towards con...
Culture article about Guide to smoking weed

So what? I smoke pot. Think about it, out of all the after work activities, there are about a bazillion other things that I could be doing that are wo...
Business article about How to Find the Best Pest Control Service for Your Restaurant

One good pest problem can be the undoing of a restaurant. Nothing quells the appetite more than the site of a rodent or roach frittering about while p...
Entertainment article about Tips to Win Real Cash Online with Bingo, Slots, Casino and betting bonuses

If you want to have some real chances of winning betting games online such as Bingo, slot machines, and other casino games, you should read the follow...
Humorous article about Wine: the worst hangover ever

The one thing I can tell you, with full knowledge, is that no matter how good, expensive, old, tasteful or rare a wine is, if you get hammered with it...
Politics article about eight year olds are not allowed to act like trump

Children today are in a very tough situation - their role models like their Trump-voting parents and the president #45 himself, they contradict everyt...
some thoughts about Crowdfunding - supporting Trump, Flat Earth, or shot in the head

For no good reason whatsoever, I've been following the progress of three crowdfunding projects that have all been live for probably around two weeks. ...
Humorous article about toxic advertising

If you have a fantasy, daydream, or secret desire, there is someone out there ready to help, for a price. The most toxic and seductive advertisements ...
Relationships article about Valentines Day Date Ideas for Different Stages of a Relationship

Planning a perfect Valentine date with your partner requires a lot of effort and thought no matter in which stage of a relationship you are.
Entertainment article about Slot Machines - Then til Now

Ever since it was first sat on a stool with a heavy mechanical lever and a drawer that legally couldn't dispense money if you won, slot machines have ...
Business article about Reasons to Buy Land in Montana

Sometimes a change of scenery is everything. After spending most of my life in the city, I knew that I needed a change. Having to work a corporate job...
some thoughts about How we waste our resources for nothing

There are many ways how we as earthlings are simply wasting our planet's resources. Just think about it. Can you think of some things yourself maybe?
Health article about New Ebola outbreak in Congo, but why?

As the new outbreak of Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo has become the second-worst in history, after the West African epidemic just a ...
Health article about A Few Foods To Keep You Feeling Fabulous After 50

If there is ever a constant in this crazy thing called life, that would be a change. From evolving our personal style to our music choices, likes and ...
Humorous article about trump is raking

According to Trump Mexicans are mainly rapists, Nigerians will "never go back to their huts", Haitian immigrants have all AIDS, and African countries ...
Journalism article about Celebrating National Press Day in India

As we are celebrating the National Press Day on 16 November, let's pay our heartiest tributes to everyone who contributed for the growth of print medi...
Life article about How (NOT) to fix and build things

There's always been the common sense statement around that says - you're not rich enough to get it done cheaply.
Money article about how much money can you earn from trading forex

I have seen too many people asking that question - how much can I earn by trading currencies, by trading forex? And as many of you might have assumed,...
Money article about Different Types of Online Casino Bonus Features

The online casino industry is growing rapidly, and you can find many online casinos. This increases competition among providers. Therefore, they have ...
Humorous article about self-help

Self-help books are great! They're great for the authors of self-help books! So let's say you want to become a self-help author. Here are the Rules yo...
Health article about Find the most suitable hair transplant clinic in Turkey

Hair loss is a syndrome that causes severe frustration and awful self-esteem problems on the affected person. It is wide known that hair is not only a...
Relationships article about After an Affair: 4 Steps to Regaining Trust

Is it possible to fully regain trust after your partner or spouse cheats on you? Absolutely. It is hard work, but entirely possible given enough time ...
Sports article about Three Sports You May Never Have Bet On Before

If you like a flutter, there are so many options available you to today within a sportsbook. American football, basketball and soccer and obviously th...

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