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The IT companies and Call centres may have given tremendous financial prosperity to many youngster in India. But they have also forced several young men and women to part ways.

Once upon a time, marriage was considered a life time commitment to each other. Some sixty or seventy years back, divorce was an unheard of term. But no more! At the drop of a hat, one wants to go in for permanent separation these days. There is no valid reason for it at all except for fat pay packets offered by the above two agencies

Nowadays, one could get a salary of 20,000 or more immediately out of college. Imagine these students probably have been getting a pocket money of around Rs 500 per month from their parents and suddenly they find themselves loaded with tons of new notes. When your income takes a quantum leap of some 40-50 times, one thinks no end of himself or herself and indulge in all kinds of fantasies and dreams. In a matter of few months, they go in for marriage because they can afford it financially.

Then starts the problem. If the husband is a day time worker and the wife a night time worker, they hardly ever see each other. Even their day off may not be the same. This could be one reason for a divorce and a big one at that, it is agreed. Next, they find themselves incompatible. Both have strong views on life. Anything known as ‘commitment to each' is abhorred.

When there is no physical union between the young couple and for several weeks that too, there is no question of developing any understanding and adjustment to each other.

There was a case recently of a break up during the honey moon days. The marriage didn't last even a week. The wife didn‘t want any kind of physical intimacy. What's the idea of a honeymoon then? Their marriage went up in smoke and they went their own way with a loud good bye. May I add at this point that frigid women should not get married at all. They should die as bachelor girls.

The trend as of now is that within a year of marriage or at the most two, they want to go their way. Their age may be between 22 and 25. The woman is not interested in any alimony for that matter. She has plenty of money to live on her own. So, "mutual consent" is the cause for the break up. There is a mandatory period of one year of separate living before the court grants the divorce. During this one year, they should not co-habit at all. Nothing to worry; it suits them fine – married yet living away from each


Earlier the divorcing age used to be about 45 , after some 20 years of marriage. But not so now.

And yet, another trend which is something like the cousin, is taking shape - "Living together". In this model, one can leave the other any time. No regrets and no obligations. What if the woman conceives? By accident, naturally? Would she go in for an abortion or get married to formalize the live-in status. So far no cases have been reported in the newspapers about this brand.

Don't take me wrong. All things considered, the live-in arrangement seems to be a shade better. Those who draw a heavy pay packet and whose working hours are at odd hours, had better choose this model. This is better than going in for a divorce at so early an age in life. At least you don't get the stamp mark, "divorcee". Any views/advice for the benefit of the high pay wallahs !